End Of Brett Darrow Saga- St. George Police Dissolved!

For 12 minute version go to this link:


For those of you who do not remember, Brett Darrow equipped his car with video recorders and recorded a small town Patrolman threaten him with fictional traffic offense charges.

He was subsequently harassed by the entire department when he filed a lawsuit against the Police for unlawful conduct.

Tantalizing Excerpt:

The St. George Police Department is being shut down and St. Louis County Police will provide police services.

Video link here:

Video currently unavailable until I find a new link…..

Background link here:

Update: The whole town is gone!


6 responses to “End Of Brett Darrow Saga- St. George Police Dissolved!

  1. Many thanks. The link address was correct for cut-and-paste, it was improperly tagged in HTML.

    One of these days I will upgrade to a genuine steam powered computer and give up this old water wheel model.

    >>>>>Please check your background link, it’s pointing at your site, not Wikipedia

  2. Another lawless PIG PEN bites the dust.

    Is it any wonder less than 60 percent of the public rank members of law enforcement as very high or high in the categories of honesty and integrity.

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