Podcast Converter For Your Truck! You Need One Of These!


If you are like me, you are not about to blow a couple of hundred bucks for something called an IPOD and then walk around with some little hearing aid sized headphones to listen to the latest, greatest Podcast of GUNTALK.

However, thanks to the tutelage of a nearby 14 year old, I learned it is possible to buy a gadget called an MP3 Player for $15.00 dollars (yes, that is in US Currency) which will store 1 GB of Podcasts.

Then, if your truck has authentic Neanderthal Technology, (as mine blessedly does) you can blow another $10.00 dollars (US) to buy something called a cassette converter (see picture) which will allow you to listen to the MP3 player over the truck speakers through the cassette player.

Yes! It really is that simple!

For you snooty types, there is also a means to bypass your CD Player and convert MP3 files into analog signals through your speakers, but it costs more and is slightly more complicated to install.

For you real snooty types, your late model vehicle is already equipped to link to MP3 or IPOD type players from the factory so you can just skip this entire discussion.

Like I really care, my Neanderthal Technology Cassette Player has finally paid off! (Good thing I got rid of that eight track when I had a chance!)

Now, you may wonder, exactly how many hours of GUNTALK fit in 1 GB of MP3 Player?

Well… it turns out each 1 hour segment of GUNTALK is 10 MB. So if you rush to GOOGLE “how many MB in a GB?” you will discover you can download 100 HOURS of GUNTALK!


Yes! The entire GUNTALK archive dating back to 2006 can fit into a gizmo the size of a cigarette lighter with some Michael Bane Podcasts thrown in for good measure to bring you nearly endless audio enjoyment as you drive around your daily rabbit trails!

Never be annoyed by LIEberal Over-The-Air Analog Media Broadcasts again!

Finally, I can also realize a lifelong dream to hear Gregorian Chants over my car radio as I make my rounds in my little corner of the world.

Does it get any better than this? I think not!

Get yours today!

Link to Sale Site:



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