Phthalates?? Book Burning By Another Name?


Phthalates…….yeah, I have never heard the word before either.

But apparently they are everywhere, as in Kydex Holsters,and, who knows? maybe polymer receiver pistols etc.

Now I have always been one of the few who cheerfully predicted the revolution would not start because of some Sweeping Cosmic Principle Of Sovereign Liberty and Freedom, but because of something completely inane and unexpected, like, well, seatbelt laws.

Phthalates may be just the ticket. They are apparently EVERYWHERE.

For Nanny State Kakistocrats phtalates are the mother load if the goal is maximum chaos for minimum effort.

Just ban phthalates and the modern world will instantly collapse around your ears.

And so they, the Kakistocrats, have begun to ban Phthalates, as always, for the chiiiiildren of We, the People.

The National Association of Manufacturers reports an entire inventory of children’s toys now in the distribution pipeline as well as all future toys must be phthalate free based on the Connecticut Attorney General’s Office press release of Friday, February 6th.

But that is only the beginning. Based on the precedent thus established books could somehow be sucked into the morass.

And then, apparently, the dominos will begin to fall in all directions. ATV dirt bike parts, helmets….who knows?

Here are some links and quotes, you guys figure it out, I have to go hang some window curtains this afternoon.

The tantalizing book thing excerpt:

This announcement is good news for publishers, but it still leaves some gray areas. State attorneys general, for example, could still prosecute companies for violations of the Act, even though the CPSC itself has said it won’t take action. In addition, there is no clear definition of what an “ordinary” book is. Most experts interpret the term as meaning ink-on-paper or ink-on-board books, but what about books that are bound with metal staples, which could contain lead? Finally, it seems to put libraries’ older holdings back in the spotlight, raising the question of what they should do with books printed before 1985; the latest announcement suggests they could be prosecuted or fined for lending those out.

The link:

Connecticut Attorney General Press Release Excerpt:

Press Release
Attorney General Praises Decision Blocking Manufacturers From Allowing Sale Of Toxic Toys

“As we vigorously argued in our legal brief, the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act is clear — toys cannot be manufactured or sold after implementation of the law.

“Today’s decision is a public health victory, particularly for our children, putting manufacturers on notice about their urgent responsibilities to consumers. My office will take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that this phthalate ban is enforced.”

The Link:


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