Update To The Update On the Michael Bane Gunsafe Saga

Michael Bane has apparently achieved closure on the Cannon Gunsafe debacle.

While I have many thoughts on the topic of gunsafes and their deployment and use, if I talked publicly about those thoughts I would have to resort to permanent rendition for anyone who overheard.

Tantalizing Excerpt:

Fair question…why did I choose Liberty Safes?

It’s one of those “wisdom of crowds”…things. Out of the hundreds of emails I received in the wake of the problems I had with my Cannon Safe, more of you guys overwhelmingly recommended Liberty Safes than any other brand. It wasn’t even close, either. At least one person who had had trouble initially with his Liberty lock still unconditionally recommended Liberty because of the high quality of their customer service, “and I called ’em some ugly names, too!”

Link to Blog Report:


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