David Codrea Questions For NRA. Rots O’Ruck Buddy!!!

David Codrea thinks there should more transparency in NRA Board Elections.

Really? In the oldest Gun Control Organization in the country?

The NRA has been AWOL longer than most of us have been alive.(Click link here:http://www.nrawol.net/ )

The NRA, always there when you do not need them and never there when you do.

For what it is worth, tantalizing excerpt here:

As a start, I’d like to see each candidate for the BOD specifically answer the following questions, adapted from a questionnaire I have sent in the past to political candidates who claim to be pro-Second Amendment. I’ve done this for the past four years in a row, and have no real hope that this year will finally be the one to make the big difference. But we need to keep chipping away at the apathy, and perhaps if enough of us join in and demand candidates answer somebody’s questions with completeness and candor, we can begin to effect real change.

Link to Complete Article:



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