The Federal Reserve And The Porkulus Bill—Abolish Both Now!

Howard Phillips at Conservative Caucus TV interviews Dr. Edwin Vieira who explains the difference between the Mint and the Federal Reserve. One produces Constitutional Coinage and the other prints currency.

Very educational.

Descriptive Text:

America’s expert on Constitutional monetary policy and acclaimed author, Dr. Edwin Vieira tells why the Federal Reserve must be abolished, and warns of potential economic collapse as the result of the massive “stimulus” bills. All Americans must watch this program to learn the facts and the potential consequences of current unconstitutional monetary policy. Dr. Vieira is the author of “Pieces Of Eight” and other important books on Constitutional monetary policy and other topics. You’ll also learn the Constitutional definition of a Dollar and just what is “legal tender.”

Call your Congressman and Senators in favor of ending the Fed and creating a REAL American economic recovery!

This is an edition of Conservative Roundtable, the nationally broadcast conservative television program hosted by Howard Phillips, and produced by The Conservative Caucus.

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