Parable Of The Good Cop Part II

Last summer the Michael Bane Blog was host to a remarkably bizarre encounter of the Orwellian (or, if you prefer, Kafkaesque) variety between an anonymous (RETIRED!!!!) Detective and a message board moderator.

On February 12th of this year in Oklahoma City there was similar incident, only this time the dispute was over the interpretation of a sign on the back of a car and the cops were clearly visible and operated in broad daylight.

While the Police Chief backpedaled as fast as he could, the hapless motorist was subjected to an (informal?) visit from the Secret Service which included a (warrentless?) “plain view” search of his home and an “interview” with said Secret Service Agents.

No one knows how many incidents of this type regularly occur around the country, but these two highly public examples should be enough to alarm anyone who has ever taken an oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic”.

Take your choice as to which incident is more chilling.

In the Michael Bane case a moderator on one of the message boards received a phone call from a ” retired Marine and undercover cop” who somehow advised her one of the comments on her board was somehow out of line.

In response to this out-of juridiction, extra legal and (presumably) interpretive view of the 1st Amendment the moderator went into “super compliant sheeple” mode and posted this gem:,3055.msg34924.html#msg34924

When challenged about the whole business the moderator then posted this explanation:,3055.msg35196.html#msg35196

My question to all current, former and otherwise wannabe JBT’s: WHEN will Jesse Jackson be publicly investigated for his widely broadcast threat to harm a Presidential Candidate? SEE VIDEO CLICK LINK HERE

Or in the absence of such investigation, is it acceptable for me to make a tee shirt or bumpersticker which reads: “I agree with Jesse Jackson, castrate ObamaNation!”

Link to original Parable Of The Good Cop:

3 responses to “Parable Of The Good Cop Part II

  1. Indeed the real question has to be how often this sort of thing occurs. The MSM is not going to make a big deal of it. That is, not when Hussein or any other leftist darling stands with the perps. A lovely trend, isn’t it! We’re not permitted to intimidate Islamic terrorists…only law abiding American citizens.

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