New Hampshire Horse Raid- Duct Taped License Plates

Food raids in Ohio, horse raids in New Hampshire. Is this really the country in which You,the People, want to live???

If there is one common theme in all these thousands of isolated incidents, it is the unbelieveable insouciance of the authorities and other participants.

Just barf all over someone’s life with some bogus legal action and if it does not stick, scamper off somewhere else and do it again.

Assume for a moment there were exigent circumstances grave enough to drive into a blinding snowstorm to rescue endangered horses. Why duct tape your license plates? Why not take ALL the horses? Why seal the search warrant? Why consume public resources from multiple communities? Who pays for all this sturm and drang?

Tantalizing excerpt:

On March 9, 2009 the SPCA raided our farm in Candia, NH. Backed by over a dozen cops from three towns, they blocked off the road for a half mile and took 12 happy, healthy horses. Think about this the next time you send your donation to the SPCA.

Edit Update:
Some other questions:

If these horses are desperately in need of quarantine is it a good idea to transport them from pillar to post,potentially exposing other horses along the route to whatever ailment they might have?

How about the farms to where they were transported?

Are they certified quarantine facilities?

And, of course, where was the Constitutional Law Enforcement Authority-the Sheriff?

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