World Record 1600 Pound Model Rocket Launch

Bless the hobbyists among us. They can work miracles.

Tantalizing Excerpt:

By Davin Coburn

Rocket Record: The Largest, Heaviest Amateur Rocket Ever Launched
Steve Eves broke two world records Saturday, when his 1/10th scale model of the historic rocket—built in his garage near Akron, Ohio—lifted off from a field on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. The 36-ft.-tall rocket was the largest amateur rocket ever launched and recovered successfully—and at 1648 pounds, also the heaviest. Eves’ single-stage behemoth was powered by nine motors—eight 13,000 Newton-second N-Class motors and a 77,000 Newton-second P-Class motor. (Five Newton-seconds is equivalent to about a pound of thrust.) All told, the array generated enough force to chuck a Volkswagen more than a half-mile—and sent the Saturn V more than 4440 feet straight up. It was arguably the most audacious display of raw power ever generated by an amateur rocket.

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Gungrabbers Stigmatize 4 Year Old Autistic Boy

Here is a story to make you really wonder about the rationality of 21st Century America. Video at link.

Tantalizing Excerpt:
Neighbors Go To War Over 4-Year-Old Boy
Neighbors Try To Restrict Boy, Family To Home, Driveway
Lauren Reynolds
10News I-Team Reporter

But instead of being welcomed, the Trussle family has been under attack, they said, by neighbors. The accusations against them have been wild, including that 4-year-old Spencer “might come out with a firearm at anytime.”

“I thought they had lost their minds,” said Marla Trussle.

They are neighbors Sarah Fisher, Danielle Harway and Kelly Plaster. All three filed court papers asking that Spencer, his sister Olivia, and mom and dad be restricted to their own home and driveway.

“There was nothing I had done, my husband had done, my daughter had done, or I had done that warranted that response,” said Trussle.

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Involuntary Servitude, An American Tradition?

RKBA Activists who try to comprehend the attitude and culture of the law enforcement community in regard to the 2nd Amendment might do well to examine the history of depression era chain gangs.

Douglas Blackmon chronicles an era of judicial corruption completely invisible in contemporary public debate and yet in overall form hauntingly familar to David Olofson, Timothy Emerson, Randy Weaver and others.

Tantalizing Excerpt:

The Bricks We Stand On

On March 30, 1908, Green Cottenham was arrested by the sheriff of Shelby County, Alabama, and charged with “vagrancy.” Cottenham had committed no true crime. Vagrancy, the offense of a person not being able to prove at a given moment that he or she is employed, was a new and flimsy concoction dredged up from legal obscurity at the end of the nineteenth century by the state legislatures of Alabama and other southern states.

After three days behind bars, twenty-two-year-old Cottenham was found guilty in a swift appearance before the county judge and immediately sentenced to a thirty-day term of hard labor. Unable to pay the array of fees assessed on every prisoner—fees to the sheriff, the deputy, the court clerk, the witnesses—Cottenham’s sentence was extended to nearly a year of hard labor.

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Our friend the Welshman over at Liberty Sphere is on the warpath about ObamaNation’s Poll numbers!

Who could blame him?

Tantalizing Excerpt:

In a blatant attempt to snowball the American public into believing Obama has overwhelming public support for the direction he is taking the country, the AP issued a poll today that is patently FALSE–particularly in the manner in which it is portrayed.

Using Obama’s personal approval rating of 64% as a supposed indication that Americans overwhelmingly support his policies, the AP poll failed to show his skyrocketing negative numbers.


Geese Are Evil And Need To Die!

After over a decade of fiddle-fooling around the US Fish & Wildlife Service has finalized rules for harvest of Tundra Geese.There is no record of how many acres of fragile Arctic Tundra have been destroyed while the bureaucrats pontificated.

Tantalizing Excerpt:

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Finalize Light Goose Conservation Rules

“The overabundance of light geese is harming their fragile arctic breeding habitat,” said H. Dale Hall, Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. “The damage to the habitat is, in turn, harming the health of the light geese and other bird species that depend on the tundra habitat. Returning the light goose population to sustainable levels is necessary to protect this delicate habitat, and every species dependent on it.”

During the last few decades, populations of greater and lesser snow geese and Ross’s geese, collectively called “light geese,” have grown to historic highs. The current breeding population of mid-continent light geese likely exceeds 5 million birds, an increase of more than 300 percent since the mid-1970s. Historic numbers of central arctic light geese have denuded portions of their fragile tundra breeding habitat to the point many areas may take decades to recover. The geese are showing lower-than-normal body size and suffering a decrease in gosling survival due to habitat degradation. The deteriorating habitat is also having a negative impact on some local populations of other bird species. For example, the number of semi-palmated sandpiper and red-necked phalarope nests have declined at La Perouse Bay, Manitoba, where habitat has been severely degraded by the geese. Overabundant greater snow geese have also damaged natural marsh habitats and caused agricultural depredations on migration and wintering areas in eastern Canada and Atlantic coast states. Decreasing the light goose population will help ease the pressure on the arctic and migration habitats, improving the health for all its associated wildlife populations, including light geese.

Somali Pirates-Bring Back The Deck Gun!

Has this civilization fallen so far a billion dollar cargo ship is incapable of challenge to an unflagged open skiff far from any reasonable distance to shore with a minimum amount of force?

Is no electronic instrumentation available to detect the approach of potentially hostile vessels in international waters? Has the crow’s nest watch completely disappeared from modern ships?

CAPTAIN or SEA CAPTAIN, mar. law. The name given to the master or commander of a vessel. He is known in this country very generally by the name of master. (q.v.) He is also frequently denominated patron in foreign laws and books.

Towards others, it is the policy of the law to hold him responsible for all losses or damages that may happen to the goods committed to his charge; whether they arise from negligence, ignorance, or willful misconduct of himself or his mariners, or any other person on board the ship. As soon, therefore, as goods are put on board, they are in the master’s charge, and he is bound to deliver them again in the same state in which they were shipped, and he is answerable for all losses or damages they may sustain, unless it proceed from an inherent defect in the article, or from some accident or misfortune which could not be prevented.

Oath-Breaker Wake County Republican Sheriff Donnie Harrison


Another missive from Raleigh Constituent:

Dear John Jacob:

One of the joys of life in occupied North Carolina is to experience the perpetual shakedown by civic groups who want to save the planet, save the children, save the stuffed teddy bears etc.

One of the older North Carolina Civic Groups is the North Carolina Sheriff’s Association, who think it no impropriety to lobby the legislature for various unconstitutional laws and restrictions on the Right To Keep And Bear Arms, an attitude held over from the Jim Crowe era when everybody agreed those people should not be allowed to possess weapons or arms under any but the most limited circumstances.

Here is an example of the Sheriff’s Association at work on a gun control project from yesteryear:

GRNC Alert 2005

GRNC Alert 2005

When we, the public, elected Republican Donnie Harrison sheriff, there was a natural assumption he would introduce an innovative lobby organization to squelch the questionable gun control activities of the staid and outdated North Carolina Sheriff Association, possibly by formation of the North Carolina Constitutional Sheriff Association.

Sadly, after only a few years in office, Donnie Harrison has gone completely native and taken up the bad habits of his predecessor *Socialist Sheriff John Baker*with a letterhead shakedown solicitation of the public to fund the increasingly senile and predatory NC Sheriff Association.

So, once again,We, the Public,must search for a new standard bearer for the traditional Constitutional Values of our representative Republic.

All the best,

Oath-Breaker-New Hampshire Police Captain Explains Gun Confiscation

New Hampshire Police Captain confiscates legal pistol and then demands the right to perform a background check. “The form exists for a reason”. “It is a simple process for public safety”.

Explanatory Excerpt:
A Manchester police captain discusses the New Hampshire PD’s recently-questioned handling of confiscated firearms…specifically their policy of requiring background checks before they return guns. Some are claiming it is illegal for them to do this.

Teaching Tools: For That New Revolver You Bought!


The Welshman over at Liberty Sphere links to a discussion about Snubbies and Newbies.

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The gist of the debate seems to be snubbies are not the best choice for a newbie’s first weapon, especially if they are women.

Far be it from me to stir the pudding, but two thoughts occur:

1. The trouble may not be the gun, it may be the instructor.

2. Not everyone can afford or intend to buy a cabinet full of weaponry in order to fulfill some Karate Kid apprenticeship requirement.

Maybe we should all try to start our newbies out with light target loads or other varieties of training ammunition.

Speer makes excellent plastic cartridges and projectiles which can be safely shot out to 25 feet without all the flash and bang of full power self defense loads.

The choice of gun or budget never becomes an issue. Once comfortable with manipulation of the variousknobs, wheels and buttons the newbie can smoothly progress through heavier and heavier loads at longer distances until an X-Ring hit seems to be the most natural thing in the world and they are ready for novice pistol training at Thunder Ranch or Front Sight

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