Liberty Sphere: Tax Revolt Now!


Anthony Martin from The Liberty Sphere warns a tax revolt is afoot.

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Tantalizing Excerpt:

The first place that we may witness this civil disobedience is in the form of non-payment of taxes. The most conscientious patriots among us may well decide that they will not under any circumstance help fund a government that has lost its legitimacy.

And yes, such an act is considered unlawful and some could be jailed.

But according to the philosophy of the men who founded this Republic, there comes a point in time when governments can lose their legitimacy due to their penchant for limiting freedoms and robbing citizens of their hard-earned money in the form of oppressive taxation.


If true, Thank God!

After the IRS served for nearly 100 years as the Research & Development department for every cheap Bureaucratic trick used by the BATFE,OSHA,DEA,and even the Agriculture Department the larger American Community has finally noticed something fishy.

It was the IRS who first declared citizens must erect a shrine called the “home office” if they were to be considered legitimately self employed. A few decades later the BATFE declared jihad on “kitchen table gun dealers”.

It was the IRS who first declared the smallest clerical error subject to the most draconian penalties.

Decades later the BATFE gave us the spectacle of Red’s Trading Post as one among thousands of frivolous prosecutions and harassment.

The story of the BATFE’s unjust prosecution of David Oolofson is known throughout the country while decades old frivolous IRS prosecutions of thousands of equally innocent citizens, some of whom committed suicide because of their burden, remain completely invisible.

From the IRS show trial prosecution of famous comedy team Abbott and Costello, Musician Willie Nelson, and Actor Wesley Snipes, came the template for the elimination of over 300,000 gunshops and FFL’s and even led to the publicity driven assault on the Branch Davidians at Waco.

Finally,maybe, people will learn the names of true American Heros- Irwin Schiff, David Burnham, Tom Cryer. Finally, maybe, even Three Percenters will learn the definition of Patriot-which is, of course, to just say NO to tyranny in ALL it’s manifest forms-Democrat or Republican.

Would that it be so!

I will believe it when I see it happen!


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