National Public Radio (NPR)Discovers An Ammo Shortage

NPR (Nitwit Propaganda Radio) did a four minute interview with a San Antonio FFL on their All Things Considered Segment.

The money quote in the interview (paraphrased): People who listen to you talk (about the Obama generated gun and ammo sales) will say “This is exactly why we need stricter regulation of gun and ammo sales”

It is possible to pour more bacon grease on a roaring gasoline fire than to include that particular observation in an interview?

Stock up while you can, tomorrow may be too late!

Tantalizing excerpt from print report:

“It started the day that Obama got elected,” Johnny Dury, who owns Dury’s Gun Shop in San Antonio, tells NPR’s Michele Norris. “It is when everything just went crazy in the gun business.”

Dury says people are buying guns as well as ammunition, creating a shortage of both. He says people are buying the guns to protect themselves because they perceive Obama’s policies as socialist and rewarding those “people who are not working hard.” They are also afraid, he says, of more restrictive gun laws.

“Everybody was scared he was going to take the ammo away or he was going to tax it out of sight on the prices,” Dury says. “So people started stocking up, buying half a lifetime to a lifetime supply of ammo all at one time.”

Complete link to archive print and audio:


2 responses to “National Public Radio (NPR)Discovers An Ammo Shortage

    • I need another 500 rounds of .380 Winchester White box.

      Geez! Not the deadly dangerous .380

      You will poke your eye out with those things!

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