Teaching Tools: For That New Revolver You Bought!


The Welshman over at Liberty Sphere links to a discussion about Snubbies and Newbies.

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The gist of the debate seems to be snubbies are not the best choice for a newbie’s first weapon, especially if they are women.

Far be it from me to stir the pudding, but two thoughts occur:

1. The trouble may not be the gun, it may be the instructor.

2. Not everyone can afford or intend to buy a cabinet full of weaponry in order to fulfill some Karate Kid apprenticeship requirement.

Maybe we should all try to start our newbies out with light target loads or other varieties of training ammunition.

Speer makes excellent plastic cartridges and projectiles which can be safely shot out to 25 feet without all the flash and bang of full power self defense loads.

The choice of gun or budget never becomes an issue. Once comfortable with manipulation of the variousknobs, wheels and buttons the newbie can smoothly progress through heavier and heavier loads at longer distances until an X-Ring hit seems to be the most natural thing in the world and they are ready for novice pistol training at Thunder Ranch or Front Sight et.al.

Link to Speer Plastic Cartridge Discussion:


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