Oath-Breaker Wake County Republican Sheriff Donnie Harrison


Another missive from Raleigh Constituent:

Dear John Jacob:

One of the joys of life in occupied North Carolina is to experience the perpetual shakedown by civic groups who want to save the planet, save the children, save the stuffed teddy bears etc.

One of the older North Carolina Civic Groups is the North Carolina Sheriff’s Association, who think it no impropriety to lobby the legislature for various unconstitutional laws and restrictions on the Right To Keep And Bear Arms, an attitude held over from the Jim Crowe era when everybody agreed those people should not be allowed to possess weapons or arms under any but the most limited circumstances.

Here is an example of the Sheriff’s Association at work on a gun control project from yesteryear:

GRNC Alert 2005

GRNC Alert 2005

When we, the public, elected Republican Donnie Harrison sheriff, there was a natural assumption he would introduce an innovative lobby organization to squelch the questionable gun control activities of the staid and outdated North Carolina Sheriff Association, possibly by formation of the North Carolina Constitutional Sheriff Association.

Sadly, after only a few years in office, Donnie Harrison has gone completely native and taken up the bad habits of his predecessor *Socialist Sheriff John Baker*with a letterhead shakedown solicitation of the public to fund the increasingly senile and predatory NC Sheriff Association.

So, once again,We, the Public,must search for a new standard bearer for the traditional Constitutional Values of our representative Republic.

All the best,

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