Somali Pirates-Bring Back The Deck Gun!

Has this civilization fallen so far a billion dollar cargo ship is incapable of challenge to an unflagged open skiff far from any reasonable distance to shore with a minimum amount of force?

Is no electronic instrumentation available to detect the approach of potentially hostile vessels in international waters? Has the crow’s nest watch completely disappeared from modern ships?

CAPTAIN or SEA CAPTAIN, mar. law. The name given to the master or commander of a vessel. He is known in this country very generally by the name of master. (q.v.) He is also frequently denominated patron in foreign laws and books.

Towards others, it is the policy of the law to hold him responsible for all losses or damages that may happen to the goods committed to his charge; whether they arise from negligence, ignorance, or willful misconduct of himself or his mariners, or any other person on board the ship. As soon, therefore, as goods are put on board, they are in the master’s charge, and he is bound to deliver them again in the same state in which they were shipped, and he is answerable for all losses or damages they may sustain, unless it proceed from an inherent defect in the article, or from some accident or misfortune which could not be prevented.

One response to “Somali Pirates-Bring Back The Deck Gun!

  1. It’s pretty stupid when you think it through … Even a few M1s would put a stop to this. 50 cal deck guns and the skiff losses would put the terrorists out of business.

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