Oath-Breaker Wake County Republican Sheriff Donnie Harrison


Another missive from Raleigh Constituent:

Dear John Jacob:

One of the joys of life in occupied North Carolina is to experience the perpetual shakedown by civic groups who want to save the planet, save the children, save the stuffed teddy bears etc.

One of the older North Carolina Civic Groups is the North Carolina Sheriff’s Association, who think it no impropriety to lobby the legislature for various unconstitutional laws and restrictions on the Right To Keep And Bear Arms, an attitude held over from the Jim Crowe era when everybody agreed those people should not be allowed to possess weapons or arms under any but the most limited circumstances.

Here is an example of the Sheriff’s Association at work on a gun control project from yesteryear:

GRNC Alert 2005

GRNC Alert 2005

When we, the public, elected Republican Donnie Harrison sheriff, there was a natural assumption he would introduce an innovative lobby organization to squelch the questionable gun control activities of the staid and outdated North Carolina Sheriff Association, possibly by formation of the North Carolina Constitutional Sheriff Association.

Sadly, after only a few years in office, Donnie Harrison has gone completely native and taken up the bad habits of his predecessor *Socialist Sheriff John Baker*with a letterhead shakedown solicitation of the public to fund the increasingly senile and predatory NC Sheriff Association.

So, once again,We, the Public,must search for a new standard bearer for the traditional Constitutional Values of our representative Republic.

All the best,

Oath-Breaker-New Hampshire Police Captain Explains Gun Confiscation

New Hampshire Police Captain confiscates legal pistol and then demands the right to perform a background check. “The form exists for a reason”. “It is a simple process for public safety”.

Explanatory Excerpt:
A Manchester police captain discusses the New Hampshire PD’s recently-questioned handling of confiscated firearms…specifically their policy of requiring background checks before they return guns. Some are claiming it is illegal for them to do this.

Teaching Tools: For That New Revolver You Bought!


The Welshman over at Liberty Sphere links to a discussion about Snubbies and Newbies.

Click The Syd Link Here:


The gist of the debate seems to be snubbies are not the best choice for a newbie’s first weapon, especially if they are women.

Far be it from me to stir the pudding, but two thoughts occur:

1. The trouble may not be the gun, it may be the instructor.

2. Not everyone can afford or intend to buy a cabinet full of weaponry in order to fulfill some Karate Kid apprenticeship requirement.

Maybe we should all try to start our newbies out with light target loads or other varieties of training ammunition.

Speer makes excellent plastic cartridges and projectiles which can be safely shot out to 25 feet without all the flash and bang of full power self defense loads.

The choice of gun or budget never becomes an issue. Once comfortable with manipulation of the variousknobs, wheels and buttons the newbie can smoothly progress through heavier and heavier loads at longer distances until an X-Ring hit seems to be the most natural thing in the world and they are ready for novice pistol training at Thunder Ranch or Front Sight et.al.

Link to Speer Plastic Cartridge Discussion:


National Public Radio (NPR)Discovers An Ammo Shortage

NPR (Nitwit Propaganda Radio) did a four minute interview with a San Antonio FFL on their All Things Considered Segment.

The money quote in the interview (paraphrased): People who listen to you talk (about the Obama generated gun and ammo sales) will say “This is exactly why we need stricter regulation of gun and ammo sales”

It is possible to pour more bacon grease on a roaring gasoline fire than to include that particular observation in an interview?

Stock up while you can, tomorrow may be too late!

Tantalizing excerpt from print report:

“It started the day that Obama got elected,” Johnny Dury, who owns Dury’s Gun Shop in San Antonio, tells NPR’s Michele Norris. “It is when everything just went crazy in the gun business.”

Dury says people are buying guns as well as ammunition, creating a shortage of both. He says people are buying the guns to protect themselves because they perceive Obama’s policies as socialist and rewarding those “people who are not working hard.” They are also afraid, he says, of more restrictive gun laws.

“Everybody was scared he was going to take the ammo away or he was going to tax it out of sight on the prices,” Dury says. “So people started stocking up, buying half a lifetime to a lifetime supply of ammo all at one time.”

Complete link to archive print and audio:


Armed Uniformed TSA Agents Interrogate Liberty Activist Steven Bierfeldt

Tantalizing Excerpt:

TSA agents claim having a large sum of money which could be any amount over $50.00 is cause to be detained and interrogated. When Mr. Bierfeldt asks if the interrogation over having cash is lawful he was threatened with further detainment and investigation by DEA and FBI.

More details and links at Congress Check:


ObamaNation Car Warranty

This would be funny if it were not so painfully true!

Tantalizing Excerpt:

Stop worrying about the warranty on your GM or Chrysler automobile.

President Obama has announced that your warranty will be backed by the US Government. Now, getting service will be as easy as a trip to your local DMV office

Introducing the Department of Motor Vehicles Automotive Repair Center!

The DMV Automotive Repair Center was written and produced by Ted Balaker with Alex Manning and Paul Detrick.