Lucy! You Have Some ‘Splaining To Do!

Wow! The perfect media template story: a single mother, a child, jack booted thugs and a miscarriage of justice. And all of it not exactly true!

Imagine. A highly professional local muddlestream media TV Station hoodwinked, hoodooed and swindled by a source! Talk about the tail wagging the dog. Why, that has not happened since, ah, Al Gore and Global Warming.

Wait, that story really IS true. At least they say it is, or least as a wag once observed: “Fake but accurate”. Nevertheless, shades of Janet Cooke!!! (

Whatever happened to the two source rule? Gather ye screen shots while ye may folks, this is the kind of story that tends to “disappear” in 21st Century America.

And has anyone seen Amanda Lamb recently? As Ricky Ricardo famously said in the 1950’s sitcom I Love Lucy:” Luuuuccee, you have some ‘splaining to do”

Tantalizing Excerpt:
It’s the false TV news report heard ’round the world. Raleigh, North Carolina’s WRAL-5 reported last week that a 16-year-old bomb hoax suspect was hauled out of his mother’s home by federal agents, and is now being held without any legal rights on the authority of the 2001 USA PATRIOT Act, which “supersedes the Constitution.”

This tale of injustice has since shown up on Drudge, Digg, Reddit, and a thousand blogs and shoot-from-the-hip mailing lists. The boy’s name is rising on the Google Trends index. Radio show host Alex Jones interviewed the boy’s mother on Tuesday, and pundits on the left and right are seizing on the story to rail against the government’s unfettered power to make an innocent citizen disappear at will. Some outraged reports are claiming the teenager hasn’t even been charged with a crime.

The arrest of the teenager is real enough. FBI agents investigating a February 15 bomb hoax that evacuated the mechanical engineering building at Purdue University traced the phone call to the juvenile’s Oxford, North Carolina home, served his mother with a search warrant and arrested the teen. They issued a press release about it, omitting the suspect’s name. That was on March 5, and he’s been held without bail in Indiana ever since.

Link To Wired Magazine:

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