Ashton Lundeby Redux Redux

Okay, Pro Libertate has produced the most lucid review of L’affair Lundeby I can find. It is long and somewhat convoluted. Purists may be miffed.

Here is the tantalizing money quote excerpt:

My view is that Ashton — although demonstrably involved in hijinks that are hardly innocent Tom Sawyeresque stunts updated for the cyber age — is legally innocent; that there remain grounds for due process concerns in this case; and that we should never underestimate the troublesome creativity of federal prosecutors.

Link to the complete account:

Meanwhile, the WRAL Reporterette who started this puppy poop storm is off doing the Hillary Clinton “Baking-cookies in-her-Mothers-Day-Pink-Dress”,probably because the spinmeisters in Newsroom cannot figure out howto get their collective tales(sic)(Link: of this wringer.

Do they nod and grin and submit to Indiana’s version of Mike Nifong? (Link:

Or do they stick with their template of misguided youth under the struggling care of a single mother?


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