North Carolina Anti-Semitic Bigotry To Continue

One of my few commentaries on this blog dealt with this exact topic, obviously to little avail:

Anyway, news from North Carolina today suggests echos of Jim Crowe and the KKK will continue unabated. The Senate Panel’s Chairman obviously heard no COGENT opposition.

Tantalizing Excerpt:

North Carolina’s 140-year-old ban on hunting with guns on Sundays appears safe for another year or two.

A Senate judiciary committee on Tuesday debated repealing the Sunday hunting ban, which the panel’s chairman sidelined after hearing opposition.



2 responses to “North Carolina Anti-Semitic Bigotry To Continue

  1. Regarding your commentary on the ban of Sunday hunting in North Carolina, I am not sure why you consider this an affront to non-Christians. Historically, Sunday was a day when many things were off limits, a practice that stretches back to our earliest history. In Brooklyn, NY in the 19th century, a woman was fined for allowing some Irish Catholic fellows to play a game of baseball on her field during a Sunday. Of course until a few decades ago, stores were all closed on Sundays. Today, in the more traditional rural areas where the Amish and Mennonite communities are, all stores and businesses owned and patronized by these people are closed on Sundays. Sunday is the day of worship for the Christian and is the religion the majority of Americans, particularly Southerners, identify with.

    • You are correct in your description of what are commonly called “blue laws”.

      They are and have been one of the many oddities in American Culture.

      Technically,a Constitutional Representative Republic most vigorously defends the vulnerable minority against the whims and caprice of the majority as opposed to a Democracy where “the majority rules”.

      ( Democracy-where two wolves and a lamb vote on what to eat for dinner. Republic-A well armed lamb defends her rights against the whims and caprice of the majority Wolf Vote)

      Note that HUNTING is not banned on Sundays in North Carolina just Hunting for Game Animals. (Deer,squirrel,rabbit

      All the chatter about injured birdwatchers and hikers and other granola crunchers is meaningless since it is completely legal to hunt AND shoot (with a rifle or other firearm) any coyote,nutria, hedgehog YEAR ROUND (not just during hunting season)

      Devout observant Jews go to great lengths to honor their Sabbath regardless of the conventions of the larger society; Christians and others can learn to do the same.

      Government governs best that governs least and should stay out of the Religous Worship area of human endeavor.

      Thanks for your comment.

      In Liberty,

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