Parable Of The Good Cop Part 3

It happened again.

David Codrea alerts us to another case of Federal Government assault on protected First Amendment Speech when the subject is His Imperial Feral Government Majesty Barry Soreto Hussein Obama.

The good news: in this instance the Secret Service had the grace to contact the Official Constitutional Authority-the Sheriff-and have his office properly observe the habeas corpus requirements.

The bad news: The Sheriff went into instant grovel sheeple mode when confronted by his Imperial Feral Government Overlords and sent a SWAT Team to arrest a man with NO “previous history with law enforcement” on the basis of unspecified AND unpublicized allegations of threatening behavior.

Stroll with me down memory lane a moment.

In August of last year a moderator on the Michael Bane Message boards received an *unofficial* phone call from a *retired* *unnamed* (free lance) (rogue) undercover cop who suggested the remarks she, the moderator and her personal coterie had made about Candidate Barry Soreto Hussein Obama might in be violation of some *unspecified* *jurisdictionless* statute or regulation.

Since no transcript of the call is available observers can only speculate on exactly what was said.

However, the moderator immediately removed the offending post and, in a bizarre twist, wrote a tangled edict to all once and future posters to avoid her personal example (which is unavailable for instructional review or discussion) and eschew any comments with *unspecified* racial or violent overtones.

Thus The Parable Of The Good Cop as found here.

Now roll forward to February of this year when a motorist (and taxpayer) (and voter) is stopped on a public highway to be questioned about a political sign attached to his vehicle and has that sign CONFISCATED by Police!

Thus The Parable Of The Good Cop Part 2 as found here.

That little clusterfoxtrot concluded with a warrantless “consent” plain-view walk-through search of the guy’s house and an “interview” by two Secret Service Agents.

Not once in all the time since these various witchhunts began has ANY Federal Agency launched an investigation into the remarks Jesse Jackson made on national Television about his desire to maim and mutilate a Presidential Candidate. See video:CLICK LINK HERE

So now we have the odd story of an *unindicted* *taxpayer* and *voter* who is summarily seized by a SWAT Team for extradition to some undisclosed Star Chamber or re-education Gulag to determine whether he is a threat to ObamaNation.

Have the No Fort Sumters” Three Percenter crowd noticed any of this? Or does the No More Free Wacos” rule only apply to death and dismemberment Tyranny and not to the kinder, gentler rape, pillage, loot and burn small “t” tyranny?

Public Show Trial Excerpt:
While the details of Meadows’ alleged actions have not been made public, Shambaugh said that his prior military background may have played somewhat of a role.

“I don’t know the details of his actions, but it must have been credible enough for probable cause for a warrant for whatever he’d said or done,” he said.

Link to newspaper account:

3 responses to “Parable Of The Good Cop Part 3

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  2. All I can say is holy s***. I went and read the referenced article and it scared me even more — the fact that the mainstream media could report this story with a straight face.

    Sadly, if anyone got sued over this, it would be the Government, which ultimately means that we, the taxpayers, would have to pay for yet another mistake caused by electing this administration.

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