Tactical Training Gone Wild!


Just when I thought I had seen everything!

Word to the wise: pick your training school carefully.

It matters not if these guys are shooting blanks, this is just crazy, meaningless and counterproductive.

I long for the insight of the late Col. Jeff Cooper, known as the gun guru, about this video.


3 responses to “Tactical Training Gone Wild!

  1. I\’m actually glad that the good Colonel is not here to see this as it would surely kill him…

    Have you seen the video of this? The shooter in white actually pulls a Charlie\’s Angeles and holds his pistol to his ear and waits for it to tell him where the threats are.

    • ……..Have you seen the video of this?

      Yes, I posted the link (to the video), but do not always remember to use bold face to highlight it in my post.

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