Holy Mackerel! The Brady Bill Returns!

The Liberty Sphere points us to a column from the Conservative Libertarian Outpost which chronicles a dark Machiavellian deal between the NRA ( America’s Oldest Gun Control Organization) and Carolyn McCarthy (gungrabber extraordinaire) to resuscitate the Brady Bill from the grave.


Even many Democrats wouldn’t go near a McCarthy gun bill. They have learned that supporting gun control is a losing issue. Enter Rep. John Dingell (D-MI), the so-called Dean of the House, having served since the Eisenhower administration. Dingell is also a former NRA Board member, and was in that capacity tapped to bring the NRA leadership to the table.

The end result of the negotiations was that this small clique among the NRA leadership gave this bill the support it needed to pass.


McCarthy Bill Rammed Through The House Click Link Here

12 responses to “Holy Mackerel! The Brady Bill Returns!

  1. Before spreading this meme, you really ought to check it out. Right now, there appears to be NO BASIS to it. Even schoolkids know how to check thomas.loc.gov, so do your homework.

    • Many thanks for your comment.

      Not sure I understand your objection.

      Thomas.loc.gov does not chronicle (my description)”the dark Machiavellian deal” between the NRA and McCarthy.

      It merely records the dry details of date and passage.

      The Conservative Libertarian Outpost piece covers the voice vote and other details of the sausage making process.

      Please to make clear your statement “there appears to be no basis to it”.

      The Brady Bill was successfully resuscitated with the aid of the NRA.

      Mission accomplished. Goal,set and match to the Bosheviks. Again.

  2. Thanks for the link!

    The entire point of posting about this miscarriage was the back door actions that were engaged in by the NRA. Of which I happen to be a Life Member. Expansion of an already onerous program, The Brady Act, can only mean more of the same. Less liberty for the masses.

    Write your Senators as there may still be time to stop this thing. Write your representatives, so that they will know what kind of snakes they are dealing with.

      • My impression was that it had been resurrected in the original form. Now I can’t find anything new about this.

        The real gist was how the NRA trashes gun owners in the name of expediency.

  3. Then let me be clearer. The original article was unfounded scaremongering. Thomas does not “chronicle this deal” because IT DIDN’T HAPPEN. The “coverage” provided by the Conservative Libertarian Outpost is entirely imaginary.

    The bill he is describing is the bill ALREADY PASSED BACK IN 2007 which we know as the “Veteran’s Disarmament Act.” It has not come back from the dead, it has not re-arisen, McCarthy has no similar legislation this year, and the NRA isn’t helping to pass any. The link he provides as “SOURCE” is a dead link to a missing GOA page.

    I don’t ding you for providing a link to a controversial blog entry, but when somebody challenges it, you need to do a little more than attempt to use the contents of the same article to validate itself.

    And Sperry’s comment is just outrageous: “The entire point of posting about this miscarriage was the back door actions that were engaged in by the NRA.” What, back in 2007? We all know about that. How does this justify posting a FALSE news story claiming that the NRA just did the very same thing within the past few days, when in fact this claim is made up of whole cloth? That’s just irresponsible.

  4. Let me correct myself. Back in 2007, we all knew about the NRA’s collaboration with McCarthy WELL BEFORE THE FACT of the final vote. GOA had months to whale on the NRA for this collaboration, and thousands of gun owners and gun activists were well aware of what was going on. And for those who were not on the GOA mailing list, it was in fact written up well ahead of time in the Washington Post wasy back on April 20 of that year.

    So the claims of “back-door collaboration” and “why all the secrecy” aren’t even viable. Bright-light collaboration, yes… but gun owners and gun activists were hardly kept in the dark about this until the last minute. Nine months seems to be pretty adequate notification.

    • Here is a thought.

      Instead of clarifications and revisions and corrections why not just post your views on your own blog?

      Trust me, if I can figure out how to post on WordPress you can too.

      You can lay out whatever case you want to make about this issue and we can all learn from your experience.

      Do not lose this opportunity to teach us all about correct posting protocols.

      Apparently from the various comments at various locations I will have to compose a disgrontification update to clear up the situation from my point of view.

      How others view all this is beyond my control.

  5. Here’s another thought. When you post something false on YOUR blog, why not man up and correct it on YOUR blog instead of reacting by defending the indefensible?

    Telling me to create a blog just to correct your misstatements is childish.

  6. Long after I post my disgrontification update you will still find the need to issue clarifications, revisions, and corrections that are in some cases abusive in tone.

    So fair warning, make your points clearly, concisely and politely or they will be redacted without apology.

  7. Okay, here is what I have been able to find out. No one seems to know how that web page went up as a current alert. I will post a retraction for that misinformation over at CLO. So, if you want to slam somebody, then slam me.

    What I will continue to do is go after the NRA for continually doing what myself and a number of other Life Members consider to be less than supportive of our Constitutional rights. When they are doing the right thing I will give them plenty of kudos as I do on a more than regular basis. When, in my opinion, they do us (American gun owners.) wrong, I will jump all over them. My blog does seem to be effective though, because now when I send them a letter telling them how I believe they screwed up I get more than the form letters that I got from them for more then thirty years.

    • Anyone who has done boots-on-the-ground legislative work (as in attend endless committee hearings) knows the GOA Alert is a near perfect description of how the NRA operates. (There are damn few of us-I know I have counted-usually I was the only one in the room or accompanied by just one other activist)

      The locals spend months testifying before committees, send endless alerts and emails and letters to the point where the legislation is doomed to certain defeat when suddenly from nowhere some NRA-ILA Representative parachutes into town, contacts NO local 2nd Amendment type but does huddle with gungrabbers de jour and triumphantly announces a sucessful “compromise” for a bill that was all but dead.

      The NRA, always there when you do not need them and never there when you do.

      That GOA Alert should be enshrined and consulted every time some NRA type sticks his head out of the sewer to lecture the rest of us unwashed masses on “how to get things done”.

      You posted in good faith. Let the ankle biters go pound sand.

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