Real Gunfights: Wow! .380 v.Shotgun!


Okay, there are many jokes out there about the mighty .380 cartridge.

In this case the perps laugh not.

So, once again, any gun trumps gunless when mental outlook is sharp and the will to survive prevails.

Always remember and do not ever forget, shot placement is everything.

As the late Colonel Jeff Cooper reminded us all: “You fight with your mind; weapons are accessories.”

Kudos as well to the Police and their affirmative attitude toward the incident.

Tantalizing Excerpt from the Ignatius Piazza Blog:

What would you do if you were staring down the barrel of a shotgun, with a hooded man demanding your money or your life, but all you had in your pocket was five dollars and a .380 pistol?

Here is a very candid, post-shooting incident interview with a man who experienced exactly this situation and the law enforcement officials handling the case.

There are many real world lessons to be learned in this very rare and extremely educational video interview…

Link to Ignatius Piazza commentary and video interview click here

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