Thank You George Will! Say No And Be Proud!

Conservatives and Libertarians are frequently plagued by an inability to provide pithy summaries of their outlook in their endless verbal jousts with people of the Bolshevik Persuasion.

In a refreshing change of pace Old school Editorial Commentator George Will provides us one of the best arguments to say “No” I have heard in quite some time.

In short, to say “No”to mischief and inanity is both Constitutional and necessary and people who do so should be proud of their outlook and position.

To wit:

“Regarding reform, conservatives are vilified as the party of “no.” Fine. “No” is an indispensable word in politics because most new ideas are false and mischievous. Furthermore, the First Amendment’s lovely first five words (“Congress shall make no law”) set the negative tone of the Bill of Rights, which is a list of government behaviors, from establishing religion to conducting unreasonable searches, to which the Constitution says: No.”

So if some Bolshevik de jour approaches you and asks “Why do you say “No” to gun control?” rise up and proudly answer “I say “NO” because the Constitution says “NO” because No is the only thing that stands between “We The People” and Institutional Anarchy.”

“Government governs best that governs least and it is the duty of every Patriot to say No to any government that grows beyond defined Constitutional boundaries.”

“So put that in your pipe and smoke it!”

Link to Complete George Will Editorial Click Here


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