Real Gunfights: Skateboard Kid vs. Gun Toting Thug


This kid was lucky. That thug was an imminent danger to himself and others the way he waved that pistol around. Maybe it was a toy or jammed or unloaded. In any case the kid and his buddies pulled it all together in this incident. Godspeed to them all.

Ignatius Piazza provides details on his blog:

This video demonstrates that anyone can be accosted by a gun wielding thug, at any time of the day, in any place.

This video also clearly demonstrates some universal rules of combat from a most unlikely hero…


Professor Gates, President Obama: Clyde Coffey Is Still Dead

It would be hard to find a better example of the self absorption exhibited by children of the “Age Of Aquarius” than the inane discussion conducted by President Obama and the Nattering Nitwits of the National Press about the arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates by Cambridge Police.

Seriously folks, We, The Public, should shed crocodile tears over the arrest of a Professor with more degrees than intelligence because he could not talk his way out of a routine investigation? And he teaches where? At Harvard? AND he wants to make the incident into some kind of racial issue?

Geez. A small reality check is in order.

In just five years, writer David Codrea CLICK HERE has amassed nearly 3,500 Police Misconduct Incidents in his (TM) “Only Ones” File; incidents that range the gamut from (but are not limited to) murder to rape to child molestation among other charges.


Before David Codrea’s (TM)”Only Ones” File there came the now defunct Bad Cop News, where, as the description on their masthead stated: Bad Cop News:10’s Of Thousands Of “Isolated Incidents” – Our Tax Dollars At Work


Before that, JJ Johnson of the equally defunct Sierra Times maintained an archive dubbed the Whack’em and Stack’em Files.


I, myself, here in this small humble blog of a few hundred daily hits have uncovered a ridiculous number of police misconduct reports to the point where I tire of the chronicle.

Police who invade the wrong address in SWAT Team garb, police who gratuitously shoot the family pet dog, who terrorize women and children over fabricated charges of illegal food sales(?!) and just generally leave a trail of mayhem and mischief where ever they go.


A surprising number of these incidents, if not the overwhelming majority, occur between white cops and white citizens.

Which brings us to the strange case of Clyde Coffey in North Carolina. CLICK HERE

In April of this year 76 year old (Caucasian) (male) (taxpayer)(Citizen)(Landowner) Clyde Coffey was turkey hunting on a remote parcel of land he owned in Wilkes County, North Carolina as he had for 25 years without incident when he was approached, shot and killed by (Caucasian) (male) Wildlife Enforcement Officer Mark Minton who alleges Clyde Coffey was engaged in illegal bait tactics.

In spite of a severely contaminated crime scene (caused by Emergency Medical Personnel and others) the State Bureau of Investigation has exonerated the conduct of Wildlife Enforcement Officer Minton and the County DA has declined to even present the case to a grand jury.

In a State that brought (recently) disgraced Prosecutor Mike Nifong to national attention, the inaction of the Wilkes County DA seems to reach the level of routine procedure.

Where is the national discussion or outrage over this case?

Professor Gates, President Obama, get over yourselves.

The issue is hardly racial profiling. The issue is Police Training.

Who writes the curriculum for these people and how have they become so isolated from their fellow Americans (Black or white?) that they shoot, kill and terrorize with impunity?

Professor Gates had a mild experience, probably because he is black.

Clyde Coffey is still dead.

Update: Be sure to visit the Traffic Stop and Police Encounter Tutorial CLICK HERE

California Dreamin’ — Open Carry


As California goes, so goes the nation, and in California they have started to assertively open carry.

Kudos to the brave souls who accept this challenge.

Tantalizing text excerpt:

First, I am given instructions on what to do if approached by the police. I brace myself as Nate explains.

“What’s going to happen is, they’re going to want to do a 12031(e) unloaded check,” he begins. “They’ll say they want to check your weapon. You say, ‘Are you requesting or demanding?’ If they say, ‘Demanding,’ you say, ‘I don’t consent to any warrantless searches. But I’m not going to resist.’ And then you stick your hands out, they check your weapon, and it’s done.”

Sounds easy enough, I figure. I’ve got my tape recorder ready, as open carriers are urged, via websites like, to keep recording devices on them while carrying to capture any interactions with police (and civilians) they might have in case their rights are infringed upon.

“You don’t have to answer any other questions. You don’t have to give them your ID,” Sam instructs. “It’s technically an illegal search under the Fourth Amendment. The Fourth Amendment says you have protection against unreasonable search and seizure. If there’s a woman pushing a baby stroller down the boardwalk, that does not give the police the right to check if the kid is kidnapped. So if you’re in full compliance with the law, minding your own business, they technically don’t have the right to stop you to check if your weapon is unloaded or loaded.”

Open carrying, Nate explains, is legal in San Diego and the rest of California.

Complete link HERE

Walter Cronkite: The Most Trusted Communist In America

Walter Cronkite: The Most Trusted Communist In America (A JohnJacobH Commentary)

In the 1960’s Walter Cronkite anchored two multiple part documentaries or news specials that foreshadowed the ferocious chokehold electronic media would have over the American Electorate for the latter half of the 20th Century.

It was a time of the worst kind of “appointment” television viewing. There were no widely available VCR’s or Tivo’s to ensure a viewer could watch at any time outside the official network schedule.

Some people did use audio tape recorders to capture the verbal narrative, but they were few and far between and the visual broadcast remained inaccessible.

Viewers were bound to their screens (and chairs) with only commercial breaks to attend to necessary nature calls or food and beverage refills.

There was no guarantee you would ever be able to see anything again in reruns or if the time scheduled would make it possible for you to see the entire program at all.

For me, the first crack in the facade of the Omnipotent Media Propaganda Machine of the day came with a series on the “Terrible Plight of The Inner Cities” or some such title which may have even included the word “ghetto” in the script, something that would be verboten by any standard today.

In any case, it was night after night of one hour lectures until it became apparent (to certain viewers) this “news special” was little more than what we would now term an “infomercial” for Lyndon Johnson’s Urban Renewal Program, a scheme to redistribute massive amounts of tax dollars to rebuild “blighted inner city neighborhoods” accompanied by the complete destruction of the social and economic fabric of existing communities. Variants of this program still exist around the country today, with the same outcome. But in the 1960’s it was something new and untried.

Walter Cronkite dutifully played the facade of calm patriarchal authority for the most massive ruinous Social Engineering Project for the Politicians of the day.

The Wizard of Oz could hope to be so competent in his wildest dreams. Whatever you do, do not look behind the curtain.

Shortly after the Urban Blight News Special Mr. Cronkite reprised his Wizard of Oz persona when questions about the Warren Commission Report threatened to spill over and challenge the Official Oligarchy’s version of the Kennedy Assassination.

This looong (3-4-5??) part series was truly a masterwork of the OFFICIAL VERSION OF EVENTS. The viewer was drawn into the debate incrementally with sympathetic questions posed as teasers throughout and exquisitely elaborate mockups and graphics.

The most compelling reenactment used a radio tower platform constructed to the height of the Dallas Schoolbook Depository with an open top convertible on rails driven beneath “at the exact angle and distance of the Presidential Motorcade” to demonstrate how Lee Harvey Oswald murdered the President.

All flummery, of course, but the American Public, even though top heavy with WWII and Korean War Veterans who seen actual combat and fired bullets in anger, bought it hook, line and sinker.

I remember I watched the Cronkite editorial conclusion engulfed in utter amazement and astonishment. After all this research and all these detailed investigations how could they possibly offer this outrageous conclusion?

My disillusionment was so great almost a decade passed before I bought another personal Television and sporadically watched various offerings from the God of the One Eyed Monster. When Apple IIc came along with a dial up modem to connect to Compuserve I was off network television pretty much permanently.

But congratulations Walter, you managed to pull off the impossible, and today we have the inevitable outcome: ObamaNation and the prospect of a card carrying Obamanite in every neighborhood and apartment complex to distribute the wealth of the nation “from each according to his abilities to each according to his needs”.

Burn in hell you bastard.

And that’s the way it is, July 19th,2009

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Toobin:Harvard Law Teaches No RKBA!

If you needed any proof our academic elites are completely out of touch with reality, you would be hard pressed to find a better example than this.

Jeffrey Toobin, media legal analyst and graduate of Harvard Law School was under the impression the 2nd Amendment did not protect the right to keep and bear arms apparently as a direct result of his matriculation through Harvard.

Grisly Details:

CNN’s Toobin: ‘Preposterous’ to Believe in 2nd Amend. Right Back at Harvard
By Matthew Balan
July 15, 2009 – 19:31 ET

During CNN’s coverage of the Sotomayor hearings on Wednesday, legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin implied that the Supreme Court’s 2008 decision to uphold the Second Amendment was revolutionary: “When I was in law school…the idea that you had a Second Amendment right to a gun was considered preposterous….But the Supreme Court [in Heller]…said that…individuals have a personal right to bear arms.”

Complete Story CLICK LINK HERE

Anyone Remember Miguel Estrada, The Wise Latino Man?


Anyone Remember Miguel Estrada, The Wise Latino Male?

Yeah, me neither.

Seems like the Hispanic community has had previous brushes with fame and fortune at the top of the Federal Government Food Chain.

The problem: their diversity extended uncomfortably beyond what the Bolshevik Elite thought proper and politically correct.

So he was summarily destroyed, never to reappear.

Pretty good summary-CLICK HERE

Tantalizing Excerpt:

In 2001, President Bush nominated his batch of judges for the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals. Among those was Miguel Estrada, a Latin American immigrant from Honduras. Oh? What ever happened to Estrada; you might ask. House democrats filibustered Miguel Estradas nomination in 2003. Senators Harry Reid and Tom Daschle participated in this filibuster by the way. They also attended meetings with the Democrats mentioned in the memos below. Oh, we’ll get to those in a minute.


Some other good links:

Internal Investigation Sheriff Fired For Child Molestation

So this Sheriff worked for Hall County for 20 years, became one of only two internal affairs Investigators, and regardless of whether he is guilty or innocent of the charges, his boss thinks he is guilty enough to fire him.

Should, we, the public, review all the cases he has investigated for the past two decades? This could not be an isolated incident.

Grisly Excerpt:

Hall sheriff’s investigator charged with child molestation
Nix worked in internal affairs
By Stephen Gurr

A veteran Hall County Sheriff’s investigator whose job was to look into allegations of misconduct within the agency was charged Thursday with molesting a 3-year-old girl, authorities said.

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