In North Carolina Rabbit Cops Shoot Hunters

Attention Hunters!

If you plan to spend your recreational hunting dollars in North Carolina realize you do so at peril of your life!

Wildlife Enforcement Officers have gone as feral as their brothers in other parts of the “Thin JBT Line” .

Without fear of prosecution they now have license to shoot 76 year old landowners hunting their own property.

If the description of the encounter between the officer and hunter are correct Wildlife Resource Officers are apparently not bound by any CALEA Standards (Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies) for proper conduct of investigations as described HERE and HERE.

Be sure to call the Tourism Board and the Wildlife Resources Commission and tell them why you choose to hunt elsewhere.

In a country where the oldest joke about the judicial system is “The DA can convince a Grand Jury to Indict a ham sandwich” Wilkes County District Attorney Tom Horner has chosen to follow the path of former Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong and selectively prosecute only those cases which have the highest positive publicity quotient.

In a case with a negative publicity quotient it is generally considered a bad career move to take sides against Law Enforcement Officers in the Court System. Apparently Tom Horner wants to keep his job.

Unless, of course, the people of Wilkes County initiate a recall petition and boot him out of office.

Minton will not be charged in shooting
by Chuck Hubbard

N.C. Wildlife Officer Mark Minton will not be charged in the April 11 shooting death of an elderly hunter in McGrady.

No charges will be filed against Mark Minton, a veteran state wildlife officer who shot and killed an elderly hunter in the early morning hours of April 11, the opening day of turkey season, District Attorney Tom Horner said in an interview with the Wilkes Journal-Patriot Thursday afternoon.

Killed was Clyde Hill Coffey, 76, of Lenoir. The shooting took place in a steeply-sloped, wooded area above a house on Cane Creek Road in the McGrady community. Coffey was hunting on land he and his family owned.

Horner said he made his decision after reviewing the results of a lengthy investigation conducted by agents with the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI). Yesterday morning, the district attorney met with officials from the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission. In the afternoon, he met with members of the Coffey family.

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6 responses to “In North Carolina Rabbit Cops Shoot Hunters

  1. Thank you SO MUCH for this site.
    I am appalled at the way the family was treated at the meeting with the SBI and the DA. None of their questions were answered, and when the SBI and DA did speak, it was with scarcasm, laughing amongst themselves and very disrespectful to the family. The lead investigator Nathan Anderson’s face was blood red the entire time as the family asked their questions.
    No respect at all. AND, no one from the Wildlife Commission, the SBI or any law enforcement ever contacted Clyde’s wife to tell her he had been shot. Nor did they call to offer any condolenses, to this day. It’s one thing to side with a known bully of a Game Warden, but it’s certainly another thing to disrespect the family this tragedy has happened to.

    Please leave your site up throughout this case which is supposedly still being investigated internally by the Wildlife Commission. The family will need this site in the days and months to come. However long it takes to get justice or laws changed.

    Thank you & God Bless!

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