Anyone Remember Miguel Estrada, The Wise Latino Man?


Anyone Remember Miguel Estrada, The Wise Latino Male?

Yeah, me neither.

Seems like the Hispanic community has had previous brushes with fame and fortune at the top of the Federal Government Food Chain.

The problem: their diversity extended uncomfortably beyond what the Bolshevik Elite thought proper and politically correct.

So he was summarily destroyed, never to reappear.

Pretty good summary-CLICK HERE

Tantalizing Excerpt:

In 2001, President Bush nominated his batch of judges for the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals. Among those was Miguel Estrada, a Latin American immigrant from Honduras. Oh? What ever happened to Estrada; you might ask. House democrats filibustered Miguel Estradas nomination in 2003. Senators Harry Reid and Tom Daschle participated in this filibuster by the way. They also attended meetings with the Democrats mentioned in the memos below. Oh, we’ll get to those in a minute.


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