Walter Cronkite: The Most Trusted Communist In America

Walter Cronkite: The Most Trusted Communist In America (A JohnJacobH Commentary)

In the 1960’s Walter Cronkite anchored two multiple part documentaries or news specials that foreshadowed the ferocious chokehold electronic media would have over the American Electorate for the latter half of the 20th Century.

It was a time of the worst kind of “appointment” television viewing. There were no widely available VCR’s or Tivo’s to ensure a viewer could watch at any time outside the official network schedule.

Some people did use audio tape recorders to capture the verbal narrative, but they were few and far between and the visual broadcast remained inaccessible.

Viewers were bound to their screens (and chairs) with only commercial breaks to attend to necessary nature calls or food and beverage refills.

There was no guarantee you would ever be able to see anything again in reruns or if the time scheduled would make it possible for you to see the entire program at all.

For me, the first crack in the facade of the Omnipotent Media Propaganda Machine of the day came with a series on the “Terrible Plight of The Inner Cities” or some such title which may have even included the word “ghetto” in the script, something that would be verboten by any standard today.

In any case, it was night after night of one hour lectures until it became apparent (to certain viewers) this “news special” was little more than what we would now term an “infomercial” for Lyndon Johnson’s Urban Renewal Program, a scheme to redistribute massive amounts of tax dollars to rebuild “blighted inner city neighborhoods” accompanied by the complete destruction of the social and economic fabric of existing communities. Variants of this program still exist around the country today, with the same outcome. But in the 1960’s it was something new and untried.

Walter Cronkite dutifully played the facade of calm patriarchal authority for the most massive ruinous Social Engineering Project for the Politicians of the day.

The Wizard of Oz could hope to be so competent in his wildest dreams. Whatever you do, do not look behind the curtain.

Shortly after the Urban Blight News Special Mr. Cronkite reprised his Wizard of Oz persona when questions about the Warren Commission Report threatened to spill over and challenge the Official Oligarchy’s version of the Kennedy Assassination.

This looong (3-4-5??) part series was truly a masterwork of the OFFICIAL VERSION OF EVENTS. The viewer was drawn into the debate incrementally with sympathetic questions posed as teasers throughout and exquisitely elaborate mockups and graphics.

The most compelling reenactment used a radio tower platform constructed to the height of the Dallas Schoolbook Depository with an open top convertible on rails driven beneath “at the exact angle and distance of the Presidential Motorcade” to demonstrate how Lee Harvey Oswald murdered the President.

It was all flummery, of course, but the American Public, top heavy with WWII and Korean War Veterans who seen actual combat and fired bullets in anger, bought it hook, line and sinker.

I remember I watched the Cronkite editorial conclusion engulfed in utter amazement and astonishment. After all this research and all these detailed investigations how could they possibly offer this outrageous conclusion?

My disillusionment was so great, it was almost a decade before I bought another personal Television and sporadically watched various offerings from the God of the One Eyed Monster. When Apple IIc came along with a dial up modem to connect to Compuserve I was off network television pretty much permanently.

But congratulations Walter, you managed to pull it off, and today we have the inevitable outcome: ObamaNation and the prospect of a card carrying Obamanite in every neighborhood and apartment complex to distribute the wealth of the nation “from each according to his abilities to each according to his needs”.

Burn in hell you bastard.

And that’s the way it is, July 19th,2009

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2 responses to “Walter Cronkite: The Most Trusted Communist In America

  1. Funny how the government and media were working together forty years ago. You know Walter kronkite has to be a commie the way hes loved by the main stream media. I’ve learned a lot about walter cronkite after his death and yes he was a communist. He believed in one world government.

  2. Many years ago, I recall reading an article in which Walter Cronkite was being interviewed, and he was asked why he did not run for President of the United States. He stated that once you found out his views on things, you might not be in favor of him.

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