You’re Carrying A God Damned Gun At A Presidential Event

Watch Chris Matthews get rude, abrasive and hostile when the topic is a New Hampshire Town Hall meeting.

In New Hampshire not only is open carry completely legal, but many people (open) carry at Legislative Hearings and in the Gallery when the Legislature is in session.

While William Kostric is not the polished TV talking head to which viewers are accustomed he is extremely self possessed and probably too cogent to suit Matthews (whose resignation is apparent in his voice at the end of the interview.)

Descriptive Excerpt:

“You’re Carrying A God Damned Gun At A Presidential Event,” Matthews says to protester William Kostric, appearing on “Hardball” to explain why he carried a gun to a health care town hall in Portsmouth, New Hampshire hosted by President Obama. He said he wanted “to be heard” and wanted everyone to be aware of the rights we are losing.

Matthews chides Kostric for bringing a loaded gun to an event where the President would be. “A firearm is a defensive tool,” Kostric says. “Who would be silly enough to carry an unarmed firearm?” It is legal to carry guns in New Hampshire.

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