Blind Target Shooter….Really!


Just when you think you have seen it all along comes a blind man with a rifle! And he is the real deal!

Tantalizing Excerpt:

Target Shooting for the Blind
by Sarah Komuniecki
Aug 17th 2009
James Miekka of Surry is a target shooter with an accuracy most people would admire. He’s also completely blind.

His accuracy comes from his ingenuity.

“My favorite thing is when I see somebody who’s never seen him shoot before. And if they watch him shoot, their jaw just drops open. And they go, ‘How does he do that?'” says Miekka’s neighbor, Robert Duhaime.

Miekka can’t see his target…he hears it, using an artificial vision system he designed himself.

“It requires an extreme amount of concentration,” Miekka says.

He shoots using instruments to do the same job as the eyes of sighted people, changing light into electric signals.



2 responses to “Blind Target Shooter….Really!

  1. James Miekka will burn in HELL for the atrocities he committed against all those poor animals. He was really into torture, and thank God he is now dead!

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