Housekeeping Here At JJH RKBA Commentary

Boy, who would have thunk bloggery could be so complicated?

I have had a hankering to mimic those fancy upscale blogs with their Blogroll filled with thousands of links in six point font and logo embedded referrals.

And I know exactly what I want- the current theme -Quentin- only with three columns and scalable sidebar fonts.

But it turns out WordPress does not even offer Quentin anymore and really does not offer much in the way of three column formats under the best of circumstances.

So once I commit to change there is no return. I either find the trade route to China or fall off the edge of the world.

Of course I had no idea the depth to which I loved this sepia tone blog template. So if I can not change to something palatable, I may just do a work around with compilation posts and categories.

If anyone cares or has a suggestion comments would be appreciated. Use a Bugmenot email address, I will not bother you. (Nothing I can do about the comments protocol either)

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