Every Time You Use The Term “Assault Rifle” An Angel Dies!


Well, why not?

In that Gadawful Jimmy Stewart Movie “Its A Wonderful Life” the little girl at the end tells Donna Reed “Every time you hear a bell ring an Angel Gets It’s Wings or some such nonsense.

And if chiiiiildren can invent urban myths so can I.

So let the word go forth from this time and place to a new generation of Americans: We, The People arm ourselves and our countrymen with PATROL RIFLES or MODULAR RIFLES or COMPONENT RIFLES or even (*gasp*) MILITIA RIFLES.

But we DO NOT, NEVER HAVE, and NEVER WILL, accept or use the derisive term A$$au#LT Rifle to describe those implements which are vital to preserve our liberty. Henceforth, never let the term pass your lips,even to make a point.

People who should know better do not adopt the language ( and underlying premise) of their mortal enemies for then they have lost the battle even as they win the debate.

When George Sullivan created the original prototype AR-10 which later became the M-16 he chambered it in .308 and field tested it by HUNTING. YES!

So the original Prototype MODULAR COMPONENT RIFLE was used TO HUNT GAME.

So just Stop all the A$$au#LT Rifle NONSENSE! Stop IT NOW!

Learn it. Love it. Live it.

AR10 RifleC

Tantalizing Excerpt:

Next G.I.Rifle? By Eugene Jaderquist
March 1957
For eight years, California hunters have been unnerved by the sudden appearance of George Sullivan in the field. There is nothing peculiar about Sullivan himself when he’s out hunting. It is just his weapons that prompt a fast double-take. Most guns just don’t have light, silvery barrels, bright red breech actions, and Kelly green stocks. But Sullivan’s guns are a little unusual in more ways than color. They are the advance guard of a major airplane company’s entry into the gun-making field.


4 responses to “Every Time You Use The Term “Assault Rifle” An Angel Dies!

  1. Update 02/20/11: According to Skinny Moose, the NSSF has finally figured out Sport Utility Rifles are just as important to hunt with as any other hunting weapon- knives, bows, spears et. al.

    Glad to see them finally join the rest of us.

    Can it be too long before they figure out the original AR 10 Prototype was tested in the hunting fields of California and therefore can be truthfully described as originally used as a hunting rifle???? CLICK LINK HERE

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