Cops Shoot Fire Chief In Dispute Over Traffic Tickets

Heavens to Betsy! Just when you think things could not possibly get more idiotic, THEY DO!

I resolved to post only the most egregious Feral Cop stories after I contemplated posting two statutory rape cases from two different jurisdictions in one week.

Somehow, I now believe it impossible to limit Feral Cop stories in any way. They are too frequent, too outrageous and too, did I mention, idiotic?

Read this story.

A town with 174 residents where the last business was just shuttered has SEVEN Police Officers who spend all their time writing traffic tickets.

When the Fire Chief went to Court to complain he left on a stretcher with a .40 Caliber slug in his hip.

The DA says he will not prosecute the Officer. The Judge has resigned. The Mayor is unavailable. The Sheriff wants to know why all the money from the traffic tickets has disappeared.

Good Grief, television soap operas should be so lucky to have such a rich texture of farce in their daily broadcast.

Hysterical Excerpt:

Now the police chief has disbanded his force “until things calm down,” a judge has voided all outstanding police-issued citations and sheriff’s deputies are asking where all the money from the tickets went. With 174 residents, the city can keep seven police officers on its rolls but missed payments on police and fire department vehicles and saw its last business close its doors a few weeks ago.


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