Keystone Cops Alive And Well In North Carolina

104 Agents, basically the size of a military company (100 men) and these guys just can not seem to maintain control over their weapons.

Their patrol rifles are stolen, their pistols are stolen and when directed to secure them with handcuffs, an agent shoots himself when he triggerlocks a loaded pistol.

Really, these guys qualify for the Gomer Battalion in any Army in the world.

Always remember and do not ever forget: Only Police And Military can be trusted with deadly dangerous firearms.

They do have good taste in weapons though!(Sig Sauer 552 Sport Utility Rifles ) Just remember to cuff’em Dano. It’s for the children!

Hysterical Excerpt:

ALE agents armed with assault rifles; 2 are missing

On July 20, the same day an agent in Charlotte reported that his handgun had been stolen out of his car, Chandler sent an e-mail instructing his officers to secure their side arms with handcuffs.

“The weapon shall be locked with the cable through the trigger guard,” wrote Chandler. “If the cable will not fit through the trigger guard … handcuffs should be locked around the weapon cable and the weapon should be covered so as to hide it.”

On Aug 24, ALE Special Agent Nelson W. Corthell accidentally shot himself in the hand at home in Hendersonville. The bullet lodged in his arm, according to his 911 call.

About two hours later, another e-mail was sent to all ALE officers.

“Whenever you secure a weapon using the issued cable lock or any other means (handcuffs, etc.) it is vital that the weapon be rendered safe by unloading it,” wrote Patrick Forbis, a special agent-in-charge in Elizabeth City. “This unloading should be done first prior to placing any security device on the weapon.”


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