War On Olympus

Codrea Keyword Search

Codrea Keyword Search

Once again Patriots, Conservatives, RKBAians, or whatever they call themselves this week step on their own neckties in pursuit of Nirvana.

Two of the earliest links I posted on my Blogroll when I first launched my little blog on the rough and roiling seas of the Internet 18 months ago were to David Codrea’s War On Guns Blog and the mega message board site Free Republic.

Heaven knows they have both been good to this little one oar rowboat blog especially when you consider I do not post cookie recipes to attract readership.

Now, alas, fisticuffs have broken out between these two favorite sites.

In many respects, they are equally matched.

Freepers, as they refer to themselves, are at best a wild and woolly bunch whose message board discussions can evoke images of barroom brawls as portrayed in a John Wayne Western.

(You know, the visiting Ingénue sits on the bar with a teapot as she waits for a chance to smash it on the head of an evildoer as they coast past her position while Granny knits quietly in the corner and trips everyone who comes within range)

And Codrea is a professional gun magazine writer whose online commentary frequently includes obscure sentences of the *We discussed that HERE(HTML Link) and HERE(HTML Link) and HERE(HTML Link) * variety leading readers through a rabbit warren maze of topics and references that would make Google proud.

So it is probably no surprise in a head -to-head collision confusion and incoherence will abound in all directions

In this particular case Codrea has managed to trigger Free Republic’s Legendary MODERATE-THEM-ALL-LET-GOD-SORT-THEM-OUT policy because of a dispute over some of his Examiner.com articles.

His claim? His Examiner.com articles are reprinted in their entirety on the Free Republic Website and as a consequence he is not properly compensated for his work product which is paid on a piece work viewer click basis. CLICK LINK HERE

A brief keyword search of “Codrea” reveals a somewhat mixed result. CLICK LINK HERE

About half a dozen Freepers have posted his columns over the past six months, most of them well within fair use guidelines. CLICK LINK HERE

In at least a few examples due diligent fair use is practiced almost to excess with one example generating nearly six thousand clicks with presumably handsome rewards for Mr. Codrea. CLICK LINK HERE

In other cases, confusion may be a direct result of Mr. Codrea’s own public pronouncements.

Free Republic maintains a excerpt feature as part of their post procedure. Why this excerpt feature is not universally applied to all posts is anyone’s guess. Nevertheless, if an author posts permission to reprint with attribution Freepers cheerfully reprint work product in its entirety and bypass the excerpt feature.

Here’s where the confusion begins. On HIS BLOG Mr. Codrea makes this statement: “All of my entries on this site are © David Codrea, but may be posted freely elsewhere as long as they are not edited without my consent, and attribution and a link to this blog are provided.” CLICK LINK HERE

Now is it possible a few of the more gung ho and somewhat naive Freepers (who are legion) find it difficult to distinguish between Mr. Codrea’s BLOG and his online published work for EXAMINER.COM? Especially since Mr. Codrea co-mingles his Examiner.com site with his blog and visa versa?

Yes, the sophisticated among us may smugly believe all Internet users are equally savvy and knowledgeable.

But if my own experience is any guide, every ignoramus is ignoramus in a completely different and unique fashion. At the end of the day a page click from a blog to a publication website is just another click indistinguishable from any other click

Nevertheless, as a result of all this confusion ALL Examiner.com articles are now blocked from the Free Republic Website.

Regardless of how well or how poorly they have been crossposted hundreds of conscientious Examiner.com writers can no longer communicate their ideas through the noise and fog of the Official Propaganda Press Corps Media to an audience eager to read their work because two sets of knuckleheads in two widely separate locations cannot come to terms as all good Capitalists should.

Normally AT THIS POINT I would scream…….but sadly, AT THIS POINT, I suffer from extreme scream fatigue because of the incessant nitwittery which surrounds me.

Can the party of the first part acknowledge the party of the second part may not be as skilled in the use of the Internet or have a Copyright Handbook available?

Can the party of the Second Part acknowledge long standing principles that date back to the Original Congressional Trademark, Patent and Copyright Act should be understood and practiced by Conservatives if no-one else? Repeat after me: DUE DILIGENT FAIR USE EXCERPT. It is not exactly rocket science.

Jeez, guys, if you cannot rule yourselves how will you deal with the Bolsheviks who eviscerate us all even as we cogitate? This nation was founded on the notion of protected innovation as a spur to development and prosperity. Does this really require a dunderhead Attorney Cease-And-Desist letter?

Maybe everything that has occurred in this little Donnybrook is all perfectly legal. But you know what? It still stinks. Color me exasperated.

Here is a thought: Why not thank the people who crossposted correctly and correct the people who crossposted incorrectly? Not nearly as much chaos with that effort, eh?

Oh, and my disclaimer? I hold no brief for Examiner.com, Free Republic, or David Codrea. My interest is solely in the preservation of the Republic and the pursuit of Liberty. A pox on all your houses when you undermine fundamental foundational precepts.

12 responses to “War On Olympus

  1. Long time FReeper chiming in here – I dropped a note to the Mods there and the upshot is Not Guilty, M’Lud – whatever problem you’re experiencing isn’t a case of FR banning the Examiner. We like it, and we like Codrea’s stuff as well. If he wants the FR Mods to put a hard excerpt on his stuff all he has to do is ask. In fact, I’ll ask for him.

    Now as to that characterization of FR as a Western bar fight, it’s outrageous. It’s …uh…well…pretty accurate… 🙂


    • Thanks for your comments.

      Whatever Codrea did apparently backfired and unless you have enormous clout with the Executive Suite all Examiner.com material is blocked.

      Since I find many interesting articles on Free Republic, I consider it a loss.

      In Liberty,

  2. I don’t know where this war stuff is coming from either–I certainly haven’t been promoting it. You asked me a direct question in comments over at WoG on a tangentially-related subject to which I responded–and I indicated I HAD politely approached the site admin there–and now I find this.

    The assertion that they have banned all Examiner stuff came from you and I’ve heard it from others–I was just reacting to it and giving the only explanation I could have for it.

    I sure don’t think being classified as half of “two sets of knuckleheads” is called for either.

    • All Examiner.com material can no longer be directly posted to Free Republic.

      No matter how many friends on Free Republic I tell about your latest insights in response to your pleas to “tell a friend” none of them will be able to post them or any other Examiner.com material to Free Republic.

      It is ALL BLOCKED.

      It is not an assertion, it is a fact and it is on the front page of the message board:

      Updated FR Excerpt and Link Only or Deny Posting List due to Copyright Complaints


      Free Republic has a long history of copyright issues dating back many years including a court case.

      Because of their inept defense during the copyright court case I consider the management and legal team of FreeRepublic to be “knuckleheads”.

      Because of their inept presentation of a few questionable incidents of copyright violation I consider the management and legal team of Examiner.com to be “knuckleheads”.

      Until you brought it up, I did not consider you to be a member of either team.

      But, if the shoe fits, feel free to wear it.

      In Liberty,

  3. I don’t know where this “if the shoe fits wear it” assessment comes from. That’s pretty obnoxious and uncalled for. I explained to you how I politely approached them. And I explained to you how Examiner management also politely approached them and did not resort to the legal letter until repeated cases of being ignored.

    Here is my email to them on this subject, sent on 8.24:

    “I continually see my columns posted in full on your forum. Here’s an example:

    I’m grateful that your readers find these worthy to post and discuss. That said, this is copyrighted material that I have worked hard to produce, and posting it in its entirety on your website gives readers no incentive to read it at Examiner.com.

    A teaser of a paragraph or two and a link are always appreciated. Please remove or modify this one and discontinue posting complete articles.

    Thank you,

    David Codrea”

    If that’s being a “knucklehead” in your esteem, so be it.

    • Maybe a review is in order.

      Examiner.com needs audience. Free Republic has audience.

      Free Republic needs content. Examiner.com has content.

      Seems like a marriage made in heaven.

      But don’t toast the Bride and Groom just yet!

      Suddenly Examiner.com goes all rodeo and demands copyright enforcement.

      Then Free Republic goes all rodeo and blocks Examiner.com content.

      Everybody wins and goes home happy!

      Except for a few small details.

      The price of victory for Examiner.com is the incineration of an ocean of goodwill with readers and fellow Examiner Writers.

      Exactly how does the vast rightwing conspiracy benefit from this little encounter?

      When this happens in the vast leftwing conspiracy offenders are hauled before the throne of King George Soros and are taught to work together for the benefit of all.

      As Sovereign Citizens we must learn the same lessons without the benefit of a tyrannical ruler.

      So what happpened?

      Meanwhile over at Free Republic they have learned nothing from this. Since your post was pulled I am not exactly sure which Freeper may have directly offended you, but rest assured others have moved on to post copyrighted material from other sources with the same glee they posted your content.

      If I didn’t know better I would swear this is another NRA false flag operation to burn the Constitution in order to save it.

      From whence comes the Examiner.com Attorney? ACORN?

      And who exactly runs Examiner.com? Former Clintonista Undersecretary of Mischief and Mayhem?

      Inquiring minds want to know.

      Frankly, I think “knucklehead” covers this situation perfectly.

      “A bony protuberance at the top of the skull which inhibits rational thought and is not amenable to ordinary medical intervention” (Grandaddy Jacob always said that was codetalk for “you have to hit a mule with a 2×4 to get his attention”)

      If it makes you feel better I linked this column to keyword “Dunderhead” and “Dunderheads”.

      If you can make a case for “Bird Brain” or “Numskull” I will be happy to consider it.

      In Liberty,

  4. I don’t know If I said it already but …Excellent site, keep up the good work. I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, 🙂

    Frank Scurley

  5. Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess I’ll just have to keep checking yours out

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