University Of Berserkley (Chapel Hill Division) Fires Pistol Packing Professor


“Thanks for your concern; I have a Colt 45 and I know how to use it. I used to be able to hit a quarter at 50 feet 7 times out of 10.”

Those were the words from Professor Emeritus Elliot Cramer to a student concerned about the Professor’s safety that prompted UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp to demand Cramer’s resignation as advisor to the Youth For Western Civilization Student Group.

Apparently discussions about prowess in matters of self defense are not protected speech in the enlightened corridors of North Carolina’s Taxpayer Funded Public Universities.

Send your expressions of outrage and dismay to Chancellor Holden Thorp email:

Suggested text:

Dear Chancellor Thorp;

Given the wretched state of security on the modern University Campus, marked by the Virginia Tech Massacre just two short years ago with a body count of 32 dead and 17 wounded and more recently (September 13th!!!!) the murder of 4’11” 90 pound Yale Graduate Student Annie Le it is barbaric of you to suggest a Professor be punished for his open and honest talk about the need for and necessity of competent personal protection.

May I remind you few things are more uncivil than to be brutally murdered and stuffed into a cable duct inside a “secure” campus laboratory.

I know not how you rose to the position you hold and I do not care.

You are unfit to define civil discourse and an embarrassment to contemporary society.

Resign sir; resign immediately.

Do it for the children.

A Disgusted American Taxpayer


Tantalizing Excerpt From News Article:

UNC chancellor asks advisor to step down

Saturday, September 19, 2009 | 8:51 PM CHAPEL HILL (WTVD) —

UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp asked Professor Emeritus Elliot Cramer to step down Friday.
Cramer was retired from the university, but the campus group Youth for Western Civilization needed an adviser, so he stepped in.
According to the university, Cramer was asked to step down after he sent an inappropriate e-mail.
It all started when someone warned Cramer that fliers, with his home address, were circulating.


10 responses to “University Of Berserkley (Chapel Hill Division) Fires Pistol Packing Professor

  1. Сайт отличный. Вам награду бы за него или просто почетный орден. =)

    (Babelfish English Translation:Site is outstanding. To you reward for it or simply honorable order. =))

    • thanks for the concern but God’s in his heaven and all’s well with the world. I didn’t and don’t feel threatened. The organization is in the capable hands of two of my friends and I’m free to say and do anything I want

      • Professor Cramer, what an honor to have you visit my humble blog.

        There is no doubt you are not easily intimidated by the menace and threat posed by fliers which include your picture and home address.

        The concern of those of us in the larger world off-campus is that Chancellor Thorp has effectively punished you for an appropriate rebuttal to comments of others under the guise of “civil discourse” while he turns a blind eye to the root cause of your remarks- the veiled threat of an on-campus group to visit you at your home without proper invitation.

        Please advise Chancellor Thorp “the world is watching”. That he chooses to deliberately mishandle this issue is noted and condemned.

        You deserve to spend your days in the productive activities of your choice and not be vexed with meaningless nitwittery.

        Fair winds and following seas to you,

        In Liberty,


  2. Thank you for your kind comment but please don’t tell people to write him. I know that he has gotten the message and he has plenty to do. I will have a guest editorial in the Durham Herald shortly and there is supposed to be an article about me in the Chapel Hill news. He actually did speak out in
    A stronger statement was made by a colleague.
    This has in no way affected me; the adviser has no particular responsibilities except signing forms and I continue to work with the group.

    • Professor Cramer, I am humbled to learn you somehow believe my little blog has any power to influence the course of events at UNC-Chapel Hill.

      That said, I regret I am unable to comply with your request.

      Chancellor Thorp’s reprimand to you in the face of unacceptable language directed AT YOU in fliers circulated on campus is inexcusable conduct for a man in his position.

      He has exactly one task at this point and that is to submit his immediate resignation as he is completely unfit for command at his current post.

      Allow me to exercise my free speech and comment on events which influence me by proxy.

      In Liberty,

      (Please forgive my tardy response to your message. I will attempt to monitor this board more closely over the next few days.)

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  4. It is extremely interesting for me to read this post. Thanx for it. I like such topics and everything connected to them. I would like to read more soon.

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