Have You Told UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp To Resign? Why NOT?


Here is the flier circulating on UNC-Chapel Hill Campus about which Chancellor Holden Thorp HAS NOTHING to say!

Apparently to falsely label a Professor Emeritus in good standing as a White Supremacist and “suggest” neighbors and friends “contact him” at his home address is just ordinary campus rhetoric-all in good fun.

When the Professor *all in good fun* “suggests” he is a crack shot he is summarily reprimanded and removed as advisor to a student group!

Good Grief! The Chancellor of a major University no longer feels compelled to even go through the motions of impartiality any more!

He knows which side of the argument is “his” and he will defend it to the death of the last Professor on campus if necessary!

Remind Chancellor Holden Thorp that “civil discourse” is a multi-party process and fliers on campus which menace a Professor’s personal safety should be investigated as thoroughly as any off-the-cuff email remarks.

If the Chancellor of a TAX SUPPORTED University does not understand this he needs to resign immediately!

Background information from last week’s post for those of you who missed it:

University of Berserkley Chapel Hill Division Fires Pistol Packing Professor CLICK LINK HERE

Link to previous thuggery at Chapel Hill for those of you who missed it:

Michelle Malkin- Where Are The Adults At The University Of North Carolina Chapel Hill? CLICK LINK HERE

More links to help explain UNC’s civil discourse policy: CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE

Send your expressions of outrage and dismay to Chancellor Holden Thorp email: holden_thorp@unc.edu
Suggested text:

Dear Chancellor Thorp;

Given the wretched state of security on the modern University Campus, marked by the Virginia Tech Massacre just two short years ago with a body count of 32 dead and 17 wounded and more recently (September 13th!!!!) the murder 4′11″ 90 pound Yale Graduate Student Annie Le it is barbaric of you to suggest a Professor be punished for his open and honest talk about the need for and necessity of competent personal protection.

May I remind you few things are more uncivil than being brutally murdered and stuffed into a cable duct inside a “secure” campus laboratory.

And of course, there is this example, ripped from yesterday’s headlines right on the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Campus:

Eve Carson Murder Link:

I know not how you rose to the position you hold and I do not care.

You are unfit to define civil discourse and an embarrassment to contemporary society.

Resign sir; resign immediately.

Do it for the children.

A Disgusted American Taxpayer

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