Incorporation And The Roberts Court

This is what happens when mail stacks up unopened for days.

Our friend the Welshman from The Liberty Sphere has an excellent analysis of the Chicago 2nd Amendment Incorporation Case.

The comments section offers some further intriguing thoughts.

Stop by and add your two cents.

Tantalizing Excerpt:

Gun rights and legal quackery
October 2, 12:16 PM
Columbia Conservative Examiner Anthony G. Martin

Rationality, it would seem, would dictate that it is a no-brainer that the rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights automatically extend to all of the state and local governments. What good is free speech or a free press, for example, if the Constitution is meant only to restrict Congress from encroaching on those rights but leaves state and local governments with the power to run slip-shod over our God-given liberties? This school of thought seems to be antithetical to everything we have come to cherish about America–the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Yet, in order to insure that state and local governments got the message, our forebears began the process known as ‘incorporation’ to insure that all governmental entities within the United States abide by the restrictions set forth by the Constitution.


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