Real Hunting: Game Wardens Gone Berserk

A good example of just how treacherous modern hunting has become. Regulation trumps common sense and everyone is guilty until proven innocent.

Sickening excerpt:

Elk hunters held at gunpoint: Local men were acting legally in Brinnon, say state and county law officials

By Barney Burke and Allison Arthur of The Leader

Two fathers and their sons went hunting in Brinnon on Saturday, but after legally downing an elk with a muzzleloading rifle, they found themselves staring down the barrels of guns pointed at them by uniformed officers of the Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe.

“The whole thing was handled way wrong,” said Don Phipps, who shot the elk. “I’ve never had anyone pull a gun on me in my whole life. I didn’t understand it.”

Phipps, his son Danny, 22, and friend Adam Boling, 28, were handcuffed for two hours while bystanders watched from nearby U.S. Highway 101. Also with the three men was Boling’s 2-year-old son, Taylor.

All eventually were released at the scene and allowed to take the elk home for butchering, but the whole experience has left them wondering why the tribal police handled the incident in the way that they did.

According to Washington and Jefferson County law enforcement officials, Phipps was in full compliance with state and local laws on hunting and the use of firearms.


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