No Fort Sumters? You Betcha!


Mike Vanderboegh beats the drum once again about the dangers of a contemporary “Fort Sumter”. CLICK LINK HERE

Fort Sumter marked a pivotal point in Constitutional History and deserves study. But the devil, as always, is in the details. There are many similarities with today’s political environment and an equal number of differences.

Fort Sumter was a crisis that evolved over many weeks and two Presidential Administrations. Ultimately, the garrison at Fort Sumter was besieged by rogue Governmental Entities who acted under color of law and imprisoned the occupants.

However, consider this significant difference: In contemporary America rogue government operators who act under color of law gave no quarter to women and children in the garrison at Waco, Texas or the outpost at Ruby Ridge.

In the kinder, gentler time of The War Between The States, relief for the women and children in the garrison at Fort Sumter was successfully negotiated and they were given safe passage from the area of hostilities.

Not so for the unlucky women and children at the Davidian Garrison in Waco, Texas or “Timmy and Lassie” (Sammy Weaver and his dog Striker) at the mountaintop outpost of Ruby Ridge.

They were ruthlessly assaulted and given no quarter either under the Constitution or The Rules Of War.

So for me the message of Fort Sumter is very clear: Rogue Government Operations under color of law need to cease immediately lest the legitimate Constitutional Government of the United States (We, The People) rouse the countryside to ride to the assistance of their fellow Americans and halt any abuse of power in their immediate vicinity.

It matters not if the official description of these illegal activities is “SWAT Team Warrant Service” or Roadside “Checkpoint Charlie” or even a “Fixit Traffic Stop”.

In any case it is certainly not the job of We, The Abused to walk on eggshells lest we somehow be condemned for our righteous wrath when They, The Abusers are unpunished, unrepentant and unrestrained.

If that is the message of Mike Vanderboegh he must be ignored.

Miniature Fort Sumters occur around us all every day, from the unprovoked SWAT assault on a completely innocent family based on the undocumented testimony of a “Confidential Informant” CLICK LINK HERE to the unprovoked investigation of a family for “illegal food sales”.CLICK LINK HERE or CLICK LINK HERE

They all share the same common theme: Rogue Government Entities randomly abuse at will, while the abused continue to live in fear of arbitrary assault.

If there is any correct interpretation of the meaning of Fort Sumter it is that We, The People of the Constitutional Government of the United States must halt the illegal activities of illegitimate Governmental Entities where ever they occur.

Any other interpretation is simply wrong.


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