Holy Moly! Start Your Own Porcupine 411!


Readers of this blog know I have long admired from afar the activities of New Hampshire “Free Staters”.

One of the best ideas they have had is an emergency communications network dubbed Porcupine 411. ( For details CLICK LINK HERE or HERE. )

Now I learn they want to spread their idea nationwide. God Bless them!

Here is an opportunity for Three Percenters or Oath Keepers or the Unorganized Militia or even your garden variety activist to make a real difference.

Tantalizing Excerpt:

Start Your Own Porcupine 411

Bringing people together.

Whether it’s to document police misconduct, rescue a stranded traveler, or simply to get together for dinner, Porcupine 411 has proved itself indispensable in helping people connect and improve their activism. Now you can bring Porcupine 411 to your local organization, activist group, or geographic area.

We handle all of the technical aspects of Porcupine 411 for you, letting you focus on your activism.


2 responses to “Holy Moly! Start Your Own Porcupine 411!

    • If my little blog had any influence I am pleased I was able to help.

      Minneapolis, you may recall is where the SWAT Team received a medal after they terrorized an innocent family on the basis of completely bogus Confidential Informant misinformation.

      Shots fired on both sides, documented on 911 tapes. (Fortunately!)

      In Liberty,

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