Recall North Carolina Senator Kay Hagen Poll



Raleigh Constituent sends us his idea for a Recall Senator Kay Hagen Poll

Vote today!

North Carolina: Would you vote in a special recall election to remove Senator Kay Hagen from office based on her support for Unconstitutional Government Destruction of the American Healthcare system?

8 responses to “Recall North Carolina Senator Kay Hagen Poll

  1. She steadfastly supports the Democratic Party leadership and in doing so she totally ignores the majority wishes of the citizens of NC. She did not get a single promise or anything for the State of NC for her traitorious vote on healthcare. She will be supporting corrupt unions next.

    Recall her.

  2. It’s past time to gather up pitchforks and torches and march on congressional offices throughout the country. The time for civil disobedience is NOW!!! Resist, react, reform…throw ALL of them out on the street. Every generation needs a good revolution…the time has come. Are you ready to make the ultimate sacrifice for your freedoms? Complacency, political correctness, and decorum is KILLING AMERICA…can you hear me now?!!! Cause guess what…those in Congress are NOT LISTENING…they continue to ignore, marginalize, dismiss, and call those who speak the truth unpatriotic and worse. Obama and his administration are nothing but fools…despots in the highest order. The don’t care about freedom…their only concern is COMMAND, CONTROL, POWER…that’s it. Obama is but a pawn…a bit player.

  3. i absolutely support the recall of Senator Kay Hagan, and I consider myself a liberal and FORMER democrat. she has no regard for her actual constituents, and instead goes along to get along with the centralized power in Washington. even besides healthcare, she has blocked an audit of the federal reserve and supports the international carbon tax. she makes me nauseous, throw her out!!!

  4. Recall her immediately. What a fluke the whole last election was. What a shame we now have to take our brooms and clean house. Please let me know how I can help in recalling this lady who doesn’t heed what North Carolinians wish. She votes for what her and her party wants. Why hasn’t she been recalled already??

  5. I’m for recalling Senator Kay Hagan. She was elected on a platform of deception. Through deception, she has chosen to represent the people of North Carolina.

  6. I’m for recalling Senator Kay Hagan. She was elected on a platform of deception. She absolutly doesn’t care what we think as individuals. If you don’t believe it just email her and disagree with her party line votes. They will tell you they are doing whats best you,We need a Senator that takes care of North Carolina first without concern for party lines and agendas.

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