Stowers Food Raid Update- Seized Food To Be Returned

Of all the sinister intrustions and usurpations of Government over the past few decades, the War On Food must rank among the most bizarre.

Included below are updates for the Stowers Family Saga which began almost exactly a year ago and some other background and explanatory links.

All posts can be found in the category Ohio-Stowers Food Raid. (CLICK LINK HERE)
Tantalizing Excerpt:

A Family Finally Gets Their Food Back
By Lynn Walsh
October 8, 2009

A family in northeast Ohio is rejoicing today after a judge has ordered the government to return their food to their home. It was almost a year ago, in December of 2008, that the Ohio Department of Agriculture and the Lorain County General Health District raided the Stowers home in Lagrange, Ohio. Officers, dressed in S.W.A.T gear, swarmed their small family farm searching for food they believed was being sold unlawfully.


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