David Codrea’s New Year’s Resolutions

A reminder to regular readers to keep up with David Codrea’s growing list of suggested New Year’s Resolutions.

Pick out one or two and add them to your list.

Happily to date, there is only one resolution not already in my portfolio- Attend an Appleseed.

I trust everyone else can say the same.

Tantalizing Excerpt:

I will spread the word to fellow gun owners about the Gun Rights Examiner columns.

You’ll note “columns” plural. I include the link box at the bottom of each post for a reason–if you don’t care for my offerings, there are plenty of talented and insightful GREs who more than make up for my numerous shortcomings.

We’ve had pretty good success at this so far–in just over a year from when I started as the Cleveland commentator, Examiner.com has added 18 additional members to this category, and we have potential to add many more.


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