SHOT Show Arrests Redux: The Murky World Of Import/Export

Holy screaming meemies, what a raging clusterfoxtrot ITAR has become.

As is the case with the WarOnDrugs,the WarOnGuns,the WarOnTobacco, the WarOnAnythingTheGoobermintDoesNOTLike, if you sell, make or sneeze around anything-concrete pipe,rifle scopes, cattle prods, you are guilty until proven innocent, citizen, based on the whim and caprice of some pencil necked twit with a gun and badge ensconced in a conference room far, far away.

The only difference between the SHOT Show arrests and the historical record of Import/Export Violations is the pencil necked twits with guns and badges are no longer content to prosecute ACTUAL imaginary crimes and have now moved instead to prosecute IMAGINARY imaginary crimes called “stings”.

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Breaking: FBI Sting Arrests At SHOT Show!

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When they came for the “assault weapons” I said nothing for I had only “sporting arms”. When they came for the FFL’s I said nothing for I did not have an FFL. When they came for me there were none to help for they were all in jail.

Welcome to Obamageddon boys and girls! If it ain’t on in your neighborhood now it will be soon.

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Paul Tibbets: Proper Weapon Lubrication Under Extreme Conditions

For the WD-40 crowd, I humbly offer this selection from the “Return of the Enola Gay”,a memoir of Colonel Paul Tibbets, Army Air Corps- a brief tutorial on the maintenance and lubrication of the M-50 machinegun under extreme conditions.

Click Link Here to acquire your copy of “Return Of The Enola Gay”
Page 86-87:
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Noooooooo WD-40!

It is Week 2 at the Michael Bane Video Podcast on Youtube.

I think I finally understand the official Bane Podcast Technique.

To wit: quietly lob a bombshell into the very middle just to count the number of people who actually listen.
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Police Drones: Big Brother Gets His Wings

Welcome to the 21st Century!

Instead of those annoying Police Helicoptors chasing bad guys day and night your city may soon join the list of cities with a 24 hour aerial surveillance capability.

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Adaptive Combat Rifle

Apparently the wizards at Remington have finally made a truly modular component rifle.

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Yes,Your Gun Stinks And The Cartridge Ain’t Worth Much Either!

Okay, I first saw this gem on and thought it to be typical of the type of thing Dolphin Shooter would contribute.

(Has anyone ever seen Dolphin Shooter and Bio in the same room at the same time? Inquiring minds want to know)

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Jerry Miculek Revolver Stance and Grip Techniques

Jerry Miculek offers insight into his shooting techniques in a fantastic series of videos. Not your usual combat master

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Michael Bane Launches Youtube DRTV

Wow! DRTV moves away from the inscrutable Brightcove video platform into Youtube technology!

Week 1 begins with the snappy title of DRTV Weekly #01-2010

Guys, still one small quibble in two words: Low Res (Low Resolution).

Not everyone has

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Rhino-Medusa: The Perfect 21st Century Revolver?

So as I study pictures of this strange revolver which promises better ergonomics and control over recoil because the bore is in line with the web of the shooter’s hand, it occurs Continue reading