Fred’s Commentary About The Christmas Homicide Bomber

Fred rehashes the foolishness of the War On Terror in which all Goobermint and Non-Goobermint entities prosper

while We, The Bankroll, languish, wither and die. (Goose-Golden Egg-Kill)

Tantalizing Excerpt:

OK, this goofy guy gets on an airplane with an at least somewhat explosive jockstrap and the entire earth goes wacko and orders porn-scanners and everyone has to watch Obama being Leaderly for hours. He is becoming tiresome to watch. A mahogany president with large white teeth. He looks like a goddam piano. Blacks have achieved racial equality. They can produce presidents as bad as the white ones…………..

How much does this have to do with security? Not much. On the evidence, TSA couldn’t stop a two-year-old from waddling across a living room. Note that both the Underwear Bomber and the Foot Bomber were stopped by passengers, after TSA let them board. The current bomber’s father told the US government about the guy, just as various sources warned of the New York attack. The feds can’t stop terrorism even when someone else does their homework for them. And a few weeks ago TSA managed to post its very secret screening manual on the web. It’s good to have security in the hands of experts.

But it’s for your own good.



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