Rhino-Medusa: The Perfect 21st Century Revolver?

So as I study pictures of this strange revolver which promises better ergonomics and control over recoil because the bore is in line with the web of the shooter’s hand, it occurs to me the one additional feature to include would be the equally innovative Medusa Revolver Cylinder which can fire up to 25 different cartridges in the .38 Special-9mm range.

What say you all?

Rhino-Medusa, the perfect 21st Century redesign of Sam Colt’s 19th Century Masterpiece?

Click Rhino Link HERE

Click Medusa Link HERE

Tantalizing Excerpt:

Rhino Revolver
For starters, the appearance is like no other revolver you have ever seen. Typically a revolver fires from the top most chamber which is aligned with the barrel. The new Chiappa Rhino barrel is aligned with the bottom most chamber which is the key component to Rhino’s tame characteristics.

Tantalizing Excerpt 2:
The new Medusa multicaliber pistol lets you mix ammo from .38 to .357 Magnum.

Published in the November 1997 issue.
Unique is exactly the way to describe the Medusa Model 47 revolver, a standard 6-shot revolver from Phillips & Rodgers that chambers, fires and extracts 25 different cartridges in the .38/9mm/.357 ammunition range. This multicaliber firearm is a long-sought solution to a problem worked on by Colt, Smith & Wesson, and other firearms builders for more than a century.

The original Medusa cylinder design came from the bench of gunsmith Jonathan Phillips, a computer specialist for NASA and a former competition shooter, who used to regularly carry 12 to 15 guns of different calibers to the range every time he went to shoot.

Knowing that the calibers he shot the most–.38, 9mm and .357–were all the same size, he decided there had to be a way to minimize the number of guns he had to own. Phillips (who’s the cofounder of Phillips & Rodgers) took two years to fashion the first working prototype and patent it.

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