Noooooooo WD-40!

It is Week 2 at the Michael Bane Video Podcast on Youtube.

I think I finally understand the official Bane Podcast Technique.

To wit: quietly lob a bombshell into the very middle just to count the number of people who actually listen.

This week’s bombshell? WD-40! Yes,the “lubricant” I love to hate has been officially recommended (by Mr.Bane) as the lubricant of choice to keep your AR-15 running in lieu of switching over to a gas piston system.

Why? Because that is how the ATAS “operators” in the “sandbox” keep theirs running!

Noooooooooo! Sigh.

Try this experiment yourself. Take a deadbolt lock or keyed doorknob, buy a new one if you want, and liberally spray the keyway with WD-40.

If your experience replicates mine, within a very short period of time the solvent will evaporate and a gummy, sticky residue will remain to combine with all the other gunk in a doorknob keyway and pretty much “gum up” the works.

There is no doubt in my mind WD 40 is a terrific product with many wonderful uses (none of which come immediately to mind) but I have not and will not use it in any mechanism with many tiny moving parts that fit closely together.

Maybe the situation is different in other parts of the country or the world, but that is my story and I will stick to it until the lawyers come to take me away! Maybe even then!

Descriptive Excerpt:
We are days away from SHOT Show 2010 and this week, Michael Bane talks about the latest news within the AR market and specifically the PARA Tactical Target Rifle (TTR) which has been awarded the 2010 Bullseye Rifle of the Year Award. He is also looking forward to see new products at SHOT and the Chiappa Rhino is one of them. Bob Morrison with Taurus International has also given Michael a few hints about whats ahead. More news and videos at


2 responses to “Noooooooo WD-40!

  1. I have Olympic arms M16 FA bought late 80’s never used any but WD-40 and it never malfunctioned! Got sucked in by forum sites to go for CLP, yeah; it’ll run all day, but if you put it down for a couple days without cleaning it’ll jam, shortstroke and just be bad. WD-40 will not do that. Even if gun is left untouched for days or even weeks, it’ll fire when you need it. IMO CLP has killed more GI’s than the AK! After firing with CLP remove BCG and your hands will be filthy black, not so with WD-40. Went back to WD-40 and my M16 runs like a cheeta!

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