Real Hunting: Wolves Kill Hounds

The Endangered Species Act strikes again!

It is bad enough when wolves take on rabbit beagles as documented here (CLICK LINK) but good grief HOUNDS?

You would think the match was a little more equal and the wolves would be a little more intimidated especially (again!) since they were more or less in the vicinity of an armed hunting party of humans.

The moral of this story? Do not trust government to manage wildlife or forests any more competently than they manage the economy or anything else. AND always keep small children and pets within your zone of protection.

Graphic Pictures At Links Warning.

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We hiked on and soon the screen showed that the dogs should be right in front of us at about 50 yards. Eerily there was absolutely no sound in the woods. We found the tree surrounded by tracks where they had put up the lion. We immediately began calling out for the dogs. Jay saw some blood by the tree and we assumed that a dog must have cut a pad. Jay started shining his light down the hill and saw two eyes shining about 30 yards away. He started that direction and seconds later we heard him start yelling. Mel and I ran down to where he was and saw something no houndsman ever wants to see.

There in the snow surrounded by blood were two dead dogs. I instantly thought that one of them was my good dog Elvis. My heart was pounding as I got closer. When we got to them we had to check the collar since part of his head was gone. We ultimately discovered that it was Mel’s dog Brody and Jays dog Top. I could not find Elvis anywhere. I could only imagine that the same thing had happened to him and that he was lying in the brush nearby.

5 responses to “Real Hunting: Wolves Kill Hounds

  1. Thanks for posting this important story. I think you got it right. The endangered species act has continually been used to promote an agenda that hurts wildlife conservation. Kudos to all those who have battled to get wolves delisted in the lower 48. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen the bottom of this barrel and the end of the destruction of wild game herds from wolves. When are sportsmen going to flex their muscles rather than cower when anyone disagrees with our informed opinion?

    • Thank you for the work you did to bring the story to the Internet.

      ||>>When are sportsmen going to flex their muscles rather than cower when anyone disagrees with our informed opinion?<<||

      Your question is more complicated than you may realize.

      The trouble with wolves probably starts with Aldo Leopold, the father of modern Wildlife Biology and Game Management.

      In addition to his legitimate Scientific work and field research he also wrote poetically and romantically about wild game in his general interest book "Sand County Almanac". It should not be difficult to find a copy at your nearest book store or to order online.

      Among other things he argues passionately for the preservation of wolves as a check and balance on deer herds so habitat will not be dangerously damaged for all species.

      Unfortunately, his philosophy as applied by treehuggers and other bolsheviks leads to equally dangerous damage by other means.

      A fine point,but one lost on the great unwashed asses.

      In Liberty,

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