Glenn Beck Sucker Punches Texas Candidate Debra Medina

Like the true gentleman he is, The Welshman from the Liberty Sphere CLICK LINK HERE comes to the aid of a lady in distress. Kudos to him!

There is something squirrely about the whole Glenn Beck phenomenon and it maybe time to examine this so- called conservative who sheds crocodile tears on Television and surrounds himself with a radio pack of wannabe Howard Stern Hyenas.

If Bully Beck needs to be taught to pick on someone his own size I am sure there are many 12 year old girls up to the task and able to give him the necessary tutelage.

Candidate Medina will learn to handle herself in assorted venues over time, but Beck will always be a dummkopf.

Listen to the interviews of Medina on two different local Texas Television Stations and tell me she is not a candidate head and shoulders above 90 percent of the professional politicians who make up our current leadership.


Tantalizing Excerpt:

Did Glenn Beck set up Texas gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina?
February 11, 4:42 PM
Conservative Examiner Anthony G. Martin

However, the audio of the interview, as provided at the link in the first paragraph, seems to portray a slightly different angle.


8 responses to “Glenn Beck Sucker Punches Texas Candidate Debra Medina

  1. What kind of conspiracy nutjob are you? I was a huge Medina fan until I heard her on Beck’s program. Anyone who can’t immediately give a definitive and specific answer to a straight forward question about ” did our government bring down the towers on 9/11″ has no business in political office. There are only 2 possible answers, yes or no. If one believes yes is the answer, I suggest maybe it’s time to put down the crack pipe and go hide in Austin with Alex Jones, if the answer is no, then say so without all the BS about unanswered questions needing to be answered.

    • >>[[There are only 2 possible answers, yes or no]]<<

      Many thanks for the education in rhetoric.

      As a student of simple yes or no questions I am sure you are prepared to answer one yourself, to wit:

      Yes or no-are you still beating your wife?

      It is a simple question, I am sure you have the correct answer.

      In Liberty,

      • Wow what a mental giant you are, good luck hunting down all those Illuminati, Freemason, Bildeburger,New World Order, and all the other world domination groups.

        Veritas est Libertas
        (TRUTH is liberty)


        Well, doggoneit, I let you post your nonsense on this blog. Maybe you have a point. A true genius would have moved it to the trash where it belongs.

        In Liberty,

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  3. If that’s a sucker punch, well call me a sucker!! You can ask me that question at anytime and my unequivacable answer will be no, the Government was not involved in the 9/11 plot and there is no credible evidence to suggest that. She was doing real good in the interview right up until then. Face it, she blew it and she believes 9/11 was an inside job. She just does not want to admit it because she knows she’ll become a political outcast. Her hesitancy and dancing around the issue was her answer and it is yes, she’s a 9/11 truther.

    • >>[[If that’s a sucker punch, well call me a sucker!!]]<<

      Well, if you insist.

      You are a sucker uneducated in Rhetoric 101.


      In Liberty,

  4. I like Glen Beck but I also like Debra Medina. I want a true constitutionalist as Governor of Texas. She believes our government struck down the towers? So what. I believe, and it has been proven, that the Maine (harbored in Cuba) was “allowed” to be blown up by our government. America wanted to take Cuba from the Spanish thus we had the Spanish-American War. Our much loved POTUS, FDR, allowed the Japanese to blow up Pearl Harbour. He had been warned by the Japanese and he allowed it anyway. I guess “truthers” were around even way back when, why not now? If you know your history, as GB says, you should know this, so what he did to Medina was an ambush. He is a Perry sycophant and he showed it when he interviewed him on his tv show. He probably does want to French-kiss him; I thought he would on national tv.

  5. Glenn Becks attempted political character assassination has totally backfired. He showed his FORMER audience where he really stands. His accusations have been played over and over the KBHs news paper but that isn’t gonna make them true.

    Medina is A REAL TEXAN not some new york shyster. She doesn’t do Political Favors. Medina knows the value of hard work because she aint no career politician.

    And thats why I’m VOTING MEDINA.

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