Democrat NC Senator RC Soles: Will They Take His Gun Away?

Raleigh Constituent updates the story of Democrat Senator RC Soles who shot an intruder in his home last summer.

Dear John Jacob;

This is one of those Mother-In-Law drives-your-brand-new-Cadillac-over-a-cliff type stories.

It is difficult to know exactly what to think.

On the one hand RC Soles did not exactly endear himself to North Carolina Gunowners when he voted in the General Assembly and acquired a Grassroots North Carolina 1 star rating.

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On the other hand he WAS an elderly man confronted in his home by two much younger men angry enough to break down his door.

Generally forced entry into an occupied dwelling is considered home invasion regardless of other circumstances and apparently the Senator did use proportionate force when he shot and wounded Thomas Kyle Blackburn.

After all, if he felt sufficiently threatened he would have been within his rights to injure his assailant mortally.

Now he has plea bargained to misdemeanor assault, apparently to avoid a messy felony assault trial.

So the question remains: has he become a Lautenberg Gunowner? The irony of a situation where a loyalist Democrat becomes ensnared in a trap conceived by other Democrats for use against the evil enemy-Gunowners- is almost beyond comment.

Is he permanently barred the use of weapons in self defense because he has been adjudicated guilty of an offense THAT COULD HAVE CARRIED UP TO A YEAR IN PRISON?

Why or why not? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Tantalizing Excerpt from Raleigh News & Observer:

Soles pleads guilty to misdemeanor
Submitted by bniolet on 2010-02-25 15:33
Tags: Under the Dome | D. Jack Hooks | Joseph B. Cheshire V | Kyle Blackburn | R.C. Soles
State Sen. R.C. Soles pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor today in connection with the August shooting of a man at his home in Tabor City.

Columbus County Superior Court Judge D. Jack Hooks accepted a guilty plea from Soles, Columbus County Democrat, and fined him $1,000, the Associated Press reports.

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